Relationships and Growing

Discussion in 'Security' started by Jr.9109, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. I'm wondering how you people that grow go about being in a relationship with someone. Seems a little sketch to me that eventually they are going to find out you grow and if things go south you are potentially fucked. Anybody care to chime in?

  2. Ive had to chop a couple times because of this exact post. But on the other hand im still with her and have a kid and dont think she would rat me out. I say be careful either waySent from my GT-P3113 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. Take pics of BOTH of you tending the garden.  That way neither can rat on the other.
  4. You better be prepaired to tell her you love her before you tell her about your garden.

    Trust me, a ring is cheaper than bail
  5. I'm married. To death do us part....even if I have to kill her. Of course she stole that, and says the same about me...but I just take that as we are in agreement to how things should end if they do! With that said....YUP! I don't take any unnecessary risks. And that is a HUGE one. I'm interested in hearing people talk bullshit about trust and love and all that shit too.
    Best thing to say is "I grow, which means I know all about digging holes, and fertilizer" Or show them the movie Snatch and tell them this is your favorite part !
  6. Great ideas!  Threaten her with pics and quotes about disposing corpses!  Goddamn, you guys should be worried if that's how you treat ladies.
    How about this....don't tell her until you know her well enough.   If she isn't cool, don't ever mention it and move on.  Goddamn.

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