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  1. were all here guys and girls alike ones who just cant seem to make it work.

    we all have different problems (excuses to why we can't be happy with our current status)

    so this thread is for all of us who it just doesnt work for vent your troubles and help others

    me personaly i can't ever make a move and soon ive been friend zoneded and all chances of an intimit realtion ship down the drain

    one cure for that though:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. Once I get a guy I don't want him anymore,
    boredom is my problem i suppose. :smoke:
  3. no one can keep me on my toes.
    i can't be tamed. im like a wild horse.
    i will trample you if you try. HAHAHA
  4. I switch between wanting affection and wanting space and I expect my partner to know with psychic powers. Then I feel slighted when he doesn't know how I feel at that particular time. I know this is unrealistic, but that's my problem.

    It's the main problem that I bring to the table in every relationship I've ever had.

  5. Thats my exact same problem!
  6. me too !

    damn, explained it reaaal well too.
  7. i think i put pressure on my boyfriend
    also when i miss him or am sad i tend to nag
    and then we have those awful fights where i usually start crying and apologising and explaining what i mean.

    and i talk too much so this may seem like i am a drama queen
    when all i wanna do is explain why im acting like i am and why i feel somehow,when things are not really going good..
    and i just hit buttom.and fuckin find a way to change this..
    im in love and the circumstances are not really easy and i probably make things worst day by day...

    whats wrong with me????i feel really awful right now..
    i think im an annoying pressuring bad girlfriend...
  8. hey girls heres something that will get you far in relationships:
    stop trying to use actions to portray your feelings. TELL the guy how you feel. guys dont get the message if you dont call them, they assume everything is fine because you havent said anything. Balls and Hempress, just try to be more open about how you feel, guys understand and will give you space when its needed, no questions asked. This is the #1 thing that pisses me off about women, as you can tell :D
  9. To me, before I could have ever had the relationship i am in, I needed the experience from different relationships and life experiences to know what I want. You need to be happy and most importantly know yourself. Until that point, no one else can make you happy. Shit if you cant or dont know how to, how is anyone else?
  10. aye:eek:
  11. i can't even get into a real realtionship, i live ina small town. the people i tend to develop a little crush on will never work, or.... i realize i really don't like them.
    the people that i have made moves on me seem to be like, i really like you, then the next they don't... and get weird. or can't make up there mind seems to be what happens to me... or people thing they can take me for granted.
    i also get bored of people, people who cannot make conversation.....
    i get annoyed with people sometimes, .... bleh!

    aw poop, for being lonely. and living in a small town.
    where are all the awesome people? haha.
  12. If your old enough to support yourself and get a place, why dont you move out of that small town? If not, then maybe that should be something to at least think about. There is so much of this world to see and experience.
  13. i want to , but i want to get a job and save up some money first. and i also don't want to leave my good friends. it kind of sucks, i love this town, just trying to meet new people sucks. i could move to my dads down by minneapolis, but i hate him.... but its something to think about.
  14. I too am not in a location that I am happy with along with my job. Although I have already made the decision to move across the states, I will miss family, and friends from my current location. I feel that no one or thing should hold you from what you want to do. It will take you to come out of your shell, but is a GREAT learning experience. You will find new friends and still keep the old. Its easy to with technology the way it is now a days. I feel that everyone should take all of the experiences that they face in their lifetime as a learning one. Good luck on whatever you do.
  15. my boyfriend says that i am "too emotional." i'm also clingy but he never says anything about that. i get mad about stuff and am too stubborn to give it up if i don't get what i want.

    i have some issues fo sho.
  16. ah. here we go.

    pride. that is my downfall.

  17. That's the thing, though. If I have to tell him, it doesn't mean as much. He should just know. Doesn't make sense, I know.
  18. i just realized how it makes sense, but do most girls do this? Because i know a few examples but i cant tell if its almost all girls. just curious and :smoking:
  19. hell no. u sound hard on ur self though. probebly all the things he ends up sayin ur like? i bet ur cool. u just gotta know it. i am the same way in my rel but im a guy. so my gf is one that seems impossible to please.

    i know we are better off not together. and i know ill be alot happier, but its hard to break somthing off when its been 3-4 years.
  20. i dont know man, i can think of quite a few girls that do that. guys find it stupid because girls think we have magical powers to read their minds and be perfect. its just their nature tho

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