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  1. I'm curious, I'm sure a lot of you are as well...

    I see a lot of questions in here regarding relationships, which is obviously what the forum is for, but what I don't see is a lot of good responses. I think this is due to the lack of actual relationship history amongst our users.

    SO I'm asking this question - what is your current relationship status and have you ever BEEN in a relationship?
  2. Single , but not for long cuz school starts tomorrow ;)
  3. Nope. Never. Been close in high school, but never. Never been kissed (on the lips) either.
  4. I've been with the same girl since I was 13.
  5. In a solid relationship of almost 4 years currently :).

    Was in a 4 year relationship in high school, then had a few year or two relationships between then and now. Every relationship was different but has taught me some valuable lessons.

  6. Dam that's a lot of commitment! Single as now, girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me (dated all throughout high school) pretty recently due to many reasons including the fact I will be starting college soon.
  7. You should add a poll!
  8. I was adding a poll - didn't realize it posts before hand.

    Polls up. Took a while.
  9. Well, a couple fit me but I just picked the most recent one to describe me. I've had 2 relationships last over a year. Am currently an a relationship that will be 3 years together in January, and we are living together so I picked that one.
  10. [quote name='"WildWill"']I was adding a poll - didn't realize it posts before hand.

    Polls up. Took a while.[/quote]

    Is it possible to add a poll afterwards? I guess that's a privilege of being a mod...
  11. My last relationship was crazy. Dated her for a week, she then left me for a guy she had been waiting on for over 6 months, but he said he didnt want anything with her, so she tried to move on by dating me. They dated for about a month, then she told me she made a mistake and she wanted to be with me. Cautiously, I decided to try it again. 1 week later, she told me she wanted to be single. I was like WTF... then a few days ago I come to find out she's dating him again and same thing. She says she feels trapped and that she wants me to "rescue her"... I told that bitch to get lost :)

  12. Yes, it's possible. BUt I posted the thread with a poll just took me a long time to come up with 20 possible choices to cover the range of sexual experience (and I guarantee that I didn't come up with all of them).


    So looking at the poll numbers as of now, fully 50% of the folks responding have little or no dating experience/sex experience.

    Sad isn't it?

    No wonder there's so many questions.

    I mean I'll admit that my sex life didn't really start taking off until I met the woman I would marry when I was 29. BUT I had sex and relationships before that...
  13. been with my girl for two years but prior to that just a couple short flings

  14. Well yah but only 10 people have answered :laughing:
    I would hardly call these results reliable yet hahaha
  15. I got my heart broken really bad almost 3 years ago and just.. gave up..
    I'm not much of a one night stand man either and I secretly kept my virginity and lied to all my friends to avoid the pressure.. I got super lonely and felt really empty until one day I met this super awesome and beautiful mexican girl and we started of as friends but grew close really quick. We're both really shy and innocent, smart people, we never have or will fight and have yet to disagree. I don't want anyone else and neither does she. And I love her cooking.
    We haven't been together that long but we know we'll be together for a long time. :love::love:

    She's the most perfect woman you can imagine. And I find it really cute that she's too shy to wear a bikini in public because of her ridiculously hot, curvy mexican body.
  16. Recently Married here with one child kind of working on number 2
  17. I voted for a handful.

    Been in a few relationships, currently in a 22 month one that is going pretty well. Have had sex more than a few times but not like a whole bunch (with different women), but seeing as I've been in a relationship all through college if it were to end that'd (probably) change to "Will screw anything that moves".
  18. Voted handful of relationships... was official w/a girl for two years, remained intimate for four and a half, and dated about a dozen other girls, but I never wanted to be tied down for a number of reasons.

    And in response to WildWill, I am 26 so I have plenty of experience at this point. However, I am willing to bet most people here are late teens/early twenties. It makes sense that there is a large gap between experiences. Considering, I would not be one to judge. In the same post you said that peoples responses were a little sad, you go on to say that your sex life didn't take off 'til you were 29?!?! Talk about irony, I don't think anyone would be envious of that... even the virgins voting in your poll!

  19. [​IMG]

    thats wrong.
    im against age inquisitors, but i HAVE to ask (just curious) old are you?
  20. I've been with my girlfriend for 1.5 years. Dont know what category that puts me in.

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