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  1. So like 2 years ago, I was like border line obsessive with this one dude.
    We were friends and he didn't really seem to like me ( could it be cause I blew his brother?) and basically treated me like shit.
    So I kept trying and trying and trying...and it worked...he's fucking IN love with's terrible. Things were going great at first and now it's just a horrible relationship I can't get out of. He controls my life! He gets pissed at me if I talk to other guys. One time a this one boy who looked liked he was about 12 waved and said hi to me, so I waved back...he even got mad at that! He's insane! He does the most fucked up things ever. Lately i've even found myself kinda...grossed out by him. I don't know why. I just really don't wanna have anything to do with him. Then when I start to tell him, he starts saying all this shit about how he would litterally DIE of a broken heart and how he couldnt go on without me. It's the most complicated shit ever and I don't want to deal with it anymore!
    Help! Advice would be greatly appreciated...
  2. i always figured we kinda want what we cant have or what opposes a challenge to us and ignore the people who love us the most its weird, hope you caught my drift :smoke: have u tried talking to him bout this
  3. break up w/ him and find a big friend of yours to threaten if he ever comes near you if he is the violent type
  4. i hate to say it but im the same exact boat you are. only thin is i am that guy. excetp she cheated on me with her ex at a party last night. the only reason why i would be a hard ass abuot other dudes was exactly for this reason she broke my heart and cheated on me. maybe we could figure things out ourselfs with some greens:smoke:
  5. Did you guy's hear the sound of that whip cracking?..Ouch
  6. I don't have friends, he doesn't let me talk to anyone!
    The ones he doesnt mind me talking to hate him!
    EVERYONE knows he walks all over me...
  7. hahahaha
  8. if you live with him, coordinate your friends and/or family to move you out of the place all at once while he's at work or something and then either wait for him to get home and tell him it's over or just leave him a note. don't answer his calls. if you're on verizon you can pay to block his number, idk about other providers. block him from your facebook and email. probably easier said than done, but it's an idea.

    oh with my college boyfriend, when i finally got rid of him for good, i burnt every bridge on the way out. I emailed the girl he was cheating on me with, I emailed all the ex girlfriends he had that he simultaneously dated when we were going out. I did some real mean girl stuff to make him hate me. I did everything possible to make him not ever want me in his life again. It sounds harsh, but it was the best way to go.
  9. come chill with me? aha :hello:
  10. you jew.
  11. I still love him though...I think.
    Everytime I try to get rid of him, I kinda miss him a little...
    Then I don't realize how much I fucking hate him until I see him again, then i'm mad at myself for going back to him...
    I'm tired of all this bullshit in my life,I need someone chill
  12. i went back and forth with my college boyfriend for five years. he'd do some amazing things, and i'd love him when he did those things, but most of the time he was just mean and hurtful. But we'd always come back to each other. That's why I torched him. he was the worst thing in the world for me and it was the most effective way to keep him away from me and to keep me away from him.

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  14. you know unabomber, i don't live that far from lincoln....
  15. Is that ^^ what you meant by torch????
  16. no like i burned him really bad. seriously i did and said everything i could to make him hate me.
  17. 1. Call him up
    2. Tell him it's over
    3. ?????
    4. Profit
  18. did I read right you blew his brother? like sucked his brothers dick?

    My boyfriend is really controlling, and I'm trying to leave too so I cant really give you too much advice....but this is not the way we should be living our lives...I'm young and Im sure you are too...

    Me personally, after a few blunts Ive come to conclusion that controlling guys are trying to mold you into what they want you to be...thats why they go after younger girls usually...I ask myself, would a 29 yr old woman be with this man? I doubt it...

    Sure its sexy, and cute and it makes you feel really special that this guy wants you to himself...the sex is off the hook....but I feel like a puppy.

    So basically yeah, leave...hes crazy...if he kills himself then there was nothing you could do to help his mental situation anyway.
  19. Great. Im glad I do then.
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