Relationship Between Internal And External Energies, And How To Best Cultivate Them

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    There is an inverse relationship between “internal energies” and “external energies.” “Internal energies” are cultivated through non-intention, and “external energies” are cultivated through intention. You could also characterize external energies as expression, and internal energies as observation. It is best to, in any given moment, go as far towards one extreme or the other as possible. The benefit one gains through hir energy-expression is based on the purity of the expression. The more mixed one’s energies are, the less benefit SHe can gain from hir expression in that moment. If you are going to express yourself, express yourself entirely. Pay no regard to anything else, or what anyone thinks. Do not hold anything back. This is pure expression. If you are not going to express yourself, take your self out of the equation altogether. Don’t carry around these notions of identity and beliefs and all this stuff with you if you are not going to express it. In this state, you become a pure observer, removing all will.

    Both of these states lend themselves towards immersion, which is the ultimate goal that unifies both energies. In the state of non-intention, there is no “you,” there is only Reality. In the state of pure-intention, there is ONLY you. Whether there is no you, or there is only you, either way one finds one’s consciousness in a state of immersion. There is no other. This is 100% pure energy. In-between states, in which one has some intention but compromises it due to external influences, causes mixed energies, which are impure. This limits the potential benefit. This is the ultimate polarity. Swinging back and forth between intention and non-intention, internal and external energies. As you swing back and forth between these two polar ends, always push the limit as far as you can. This increases your energies, which in turn increases the benefit one gains through hir energetic expression. When cultivating internal energies, always seek to take your Self more and more out of the equation. When cultivating external energies, always seek to express your Self in more and more intense and un-restricted ways.

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