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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by roids, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. #1 roids, Jun 1, 2009
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    So i just got 3 NABUMETONE 500 MG, 93 on one side 15 on the other when i was supposed to be getting 3 vicodins. is there any recreational value similar to vic or should i just count this as a loss($9) so its not that bad?

    Sorry relafen is a certain script name for nabumetone
  2. It is a Roxicet, Same thing as hydro basically. Chew it up and swallow, dont snort it cuz of APAP/Tylonol
  3. when i looked it up it came up as nabumetone on pill identifier website, it doesnt look like a roxicet so idk if i should take it
  4. I'm pretty sure that isn't Roxi....

    Not to mention Roxi's are OxyCodone, not Hydrocodone... but difference there man... Thats like comparing schwag to dank.
  5. idk i think im just not gonna buy from this guy anymore, he sells bud and has never ripped me off before but still 1 time is to many
  6. It isn't a drug you can get high off of. It is an anti-inflammatory with no rec. benifits.

  7. thats what i was thinking kinda like a strong ibuprofen or something, guess ill save em for a headache or somthin, this kinda pisses me off
  8. I have Crohn's and I take anti-inflammatory drugs. There is no reason to even possibly take Relafen for any sort of buzz what-so ever. And what the fuck? Use it for a headache? Rofl. That's a joke. It is a completely different kind of drug bro.
  9. Yo im sorry i told you it was roxy, Thats just what came up when i searched.
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