Rekindling A Flame

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  1. A little introduction, I dated my ex for two years we had a pretty awesome relationship with some random bumps in the road. Last November things started to get their rockiest which eventually led to me ending things with her at the end of December. After this I shut her out of my life completely because I just wanted to take care of myself and try to do whatever made me happy.
    End of January we are both heading back to the University we attend and she texted me randomly. First time I talked to her for a bit but then the conversation dwindled and I just stopped answering. A week later I saw her across the way on campus and got to seriously start thinking about her but tried to shrug if off. Next week I asked her if we could meet up so we could talk, she says sure that'd be great but the immediately texts me again and says sorry she doesn't think her new boyfriend would like that. Total blindside with her getting a new boyfriend but whatever I learned to live with it.
    Fast forward through the semester, I tried to talk to her 2-3 times explaining how I was sorry for hurting her and that I still cared. Not expecting her to end it with the guy but I just wanted my feelings to be out there and known still. A week before the semester ends she followed me on Twitter then texted me the next day. We talked for a few hours and she told me she got dumped by the guy. Again, the conversation dwindled because I wasn't sure how to approach it.
    It's been about three weeks since that happened. I hit a really low point during the semester because I couldn't get over her even though I was the one who ended things. I still really care about her and even though I've tried to stop thinking about her she always pops back into my head. Help me out blades?

  2. Talk to her and stop letting the conversation die out. Do your part she seems interested. She keeps reaching out to you has to mean something, and hopefully its something good.
  3. Idk man. How far into the semester was it when her bf dumped her from the time she randomly texted you? Im thinking if it wasn't that long, then they could have been having issues so she expected it to end and made contact with you to have you on the side.

    I'm just trying to protect you from being hurt again. I could be wrong though
  4. Yeah I've been anxious to talk to her hoping we could work things out but I've been hopeful that she would reach out to me. I'm thinking that's unrealistic. She texted me about 2-3 weeks after she got dumped.
  5. Has she tried talking to you since?
  6. No she hasn't tried talking to me since, I couldn't handle seeing her stuff on Twitter again so I had unfollowed her like a week or so ago though if that means anything.
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    Could you not stew in a pot of your own misery dude? Jesus, go to the gym, work off some stress, you really wanna invite somebody into your life when your already at a low point that hasn't worked out?
    When are the band-aid solutions gonna stop man? Focus on being single and happy. 
  8. To be honest I'm not miserable anymore, I've learned to live with how things are but that doesn't change the fact that I still want her and care about her. Also I do go to the gym, work, hangout with friends, etc to take stress off.

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