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  1. Watch this while you're high. you will come out a changed man.

    it's about an animator whom produces commercials for brands on tv (none of them really have anything to do with the product but they're still pretty funny.)

    Then towards the end it starts to get really weird and bad as the animator slowly loses his mind. It gets so bad that he animates (really really well might i ad) the destruction of all the animations you have previously seen in the video as he destroys them.

    Really powerful stuff.
  2. I remember the first time I saw this I was stoned as hell laughing my ass off like wtf. The ads are ridiculously random and spectacularly peculiar and epic ending is epic. Especially love the Silly Hats Only spot and those two random guys that have conversations that don't make any sense.. Definitely one of my favorite short films.

    "Tuesday's coming. Did you bring your coat?"

    "I am feeling fat and sassy."

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