Rejected/denied by a clinic in California for refusing to seek mental help

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  1. So I tried getting my medical marijuana recommendation in California and I told the doctor I was depressed/suicidal and needed weed. It was a big mistake because she said I have to go to some counselling and come back within a month with the paperwork or my recommendation won't work anymore. If I wasn't comfortable with that, I'd have to leave and get my money back. So I left. They were able to get my id and college id but not my social security. Now I'm wondering if this will go on any medical records because depression might disqualify me from joining the military.
  2. Couldn't you just say you had anxiety????
    If referral doctors share info, you might of fucked yourself, but I'm not sure if they do or not..

    But you're in cali, not like it's difficult getting weed.
  3. Referral doctors in Cali share info to each other, but what I'm worried about is if they share info outside of the medican marijuana circle. Because depression/suicide on my record would fuck up all my plans.
  4. i think its on your file if you ever see another mmj doctor. find someone else that is better and wont ask you to start other meds or worthless stuff that you would rather like talk to a shrink once a month. if you need your doctors files for anyreason dont include anything from a onetime visit. they look up socials and stuff easily. try to feel better you got 420 for a month better go to the dispensary and get a lb and just say its extra from your one month

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  5. im glad your not going to do the retard shuffle.

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  6. No one can look at your medical records without your consent. But it is probably best to not use a drug that can cause psychosis when you already are a danger to yourself and others. Wanting to harm yourself isn't normal, it is the complete opposite of normal and wanting to do anything just to survive another second. Please see it properly, depression can be cured. Being dead or developing or a more serious illness is why she did not give it to you. I think you should do what the doctor asked. It will help you, just try it. Also seeking therapy will not ruin a chance in the military, it will help your chances if you get your head right. Being on medications is what is not permitted and obviously cannabis. You do not belong in the military if you are depressed and suicidal, just seek help until your depression is better. You would be a danger to yourself and everyone around you otherwise. Anyone who says they are suicidal does not belong around weapons, especially because suicidal people are often homicidal.
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    Edit: And I'll add you're getting played by the system on so many levels. It knows the central motivations of men and how to exploit them. They won't teach that to you, and why would they? That's what keeps them in control, powerful, and rich. It's no surprise your plans are their plans. Join the military. I'm curious, what are your motivations for joining the military, your goals, and what you expect to get out of it?
  8. Wouldnt failing a piss test disqualify you from the military? So even if it was granted right then youd still be f'ed

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  9. I'm not actually depressed/suicidal. What I told the doctor was just bs to make it seem more convincing because I was pretty desperate for a medical card. Turns out that idea backfired and I learned my lesson.
  10. Yo Green Wizard I've had quite a few relatives serve in the military and they were my role models since I was a kid. It's almost like a family tradition to be a soldier and it's also the line of work I feel I'd excel at the most.
  11. I don't understand why you are so gung ho on getting some weed, through official channels, if you have your heart set on joining the military. They won't touch you with a 15 foot pole if you're a drug user.

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