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  1. So I just picked up some new glass and a thought came to mind after seeing a video about a spray that greatly improved the structural integrity of what it's used on.

    I'm wondering, is there any method of reinforcing/strengthening glass by applying a coat of something? I was thinking something like the gel that protects nails from chipping.

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    um yes. on my bong I have silicone servo tape on the bottom to act as feet to prevent scratching.
    what I would recommend is a rubber coating such as plasti-dip or flex seal in clear or colored ...but then you wont see any damage if it was to be dropped/ hit. although not greatly strengthening the bong structurally. it will provide shock/impact protection witch is major for glass
    as for strengthening it I'm not to sure. I forgot the name of the product but there is an epoxy tape that hardens. and is quight universal from broken hockey stick repairs to car exhaust repairs any thing you can wrap it around
  3. I'm looking for less of something to wrap my piece in and more of a protective coat, do you think that the flex seal clear would still allow me to see through my piece?

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  4. Conducting some tests with nail hardening hell on glass microscope slides, will post results later

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  5. ya flex seal clear will be translucent so you can see the smoke. but I'm not sure how clear it is, then again you can always mask off some view sections too. now I know the plasti-dip will peal off ( tons of vides about "dipping" a car) but flex seal I'm not exactly sure on. it is rubber I just haven't used it on anything that it dosen't adhere to.... like plastic and fabric
  6. Alright, thanks for the insight

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  7. Always welcome. Im a tinkerer and modifyer so stuff like this is a cake walk

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