Reincarnation & Race Colour

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  1. Afternoon Blades.

    I just wanted to ask if any of you would change the colour of your skin if you knew that you have to have one more trip down on earth after you die.

    For example... I am Brown skinned. In my next life on earth I could choose either Black,Brown, White or Asian. I want to say ill stay with brown due to pride. However I wouldn't mind being Black either. :devious:

    I put the question back to you guys! :bongin:
  2. I'm pretty content with being white, honestly. Maybe being a pacific islander or something would be cool, but my feeling about that has more to do with where I'd live. I also can't really say I know what it's like to be another race and live in that culture.
  3. I'm white. If I could choose any race to come back as I'd probably still be white, or Hispanic.
  4. I'd prefer my own skin.

    Asians have very very soft skin...

    I'd love to reincarnate in 1190-1200ish in Mongolia and serve as temujin's (chinngis khan) general.

    Asians were once a proud and fierce warrior. Dunno what happened, luckily my dads gene still carries large hands dark skin massive facial hair and extreme balance an hand skills.

  5. Certain parts of Asia are still pretty "fierce", although that's not the word I'd use to describe it today.
  6. I'm cool being a Semite

    I imagine that you always incarnate as a different race however, as i don't see race as a spiritual trait that would carry through successive incarnations

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