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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FloatOn77, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. As many of you might know I am on probation right now. Part of my probation is rehab. Just today I went to the rehab center to get 'evaluated'. They put me in an 'Intensive Outpatient Program'. I have to go to 3 classes a week, all 3 hours long, for 8 - 12 weeks. I think that it is absoulutley ridiculous. I don't see how making me do this is suppost to rehabilitate my, as they put it "drug abuse problem" (which is non existent). All I can see this doing is interupting my life, I'm going to have to get my employer to change my schedule at work to work around this, which won't be fun. Spend money which I need for everyday living on these classes and gas. I think the idea of sending marijuana users to any sort of 'rehab' is just crazy. Has anybody had to go through a similar process?
  2. No man I haven't gone but I know a few people who have. They got put into rehab around their senior year of hs and it fucked their lives up pretty badly.
  3. i really dont think that rehab would help marijuana users if they did their research and are convinced that it does little harm to the body.
  4. Damn man I'm sorry bro. It's fucking ridiculous dude but since your on prob you gotta do what you gotta do so w/e jus get through it then go back 2 your normal life. Good luck. I'll blaze one for you:smoking:
  5. My parents are trying to put me in rehab, its mad annoying seeing as how Im 18 and its really none of their business.
  6. i agree. rehab for marijuana really is rediculous. but then again, i know there are people out there who need it. there is a such thing as abuse of marijuana, and that abuse becomes obvious when a person develops a dependance on it. sometimes rehab can be good for people. it can slow them down, and set some of their priorities straight. however, in your situation, and after listening to what you had to say... it definitely doesn't sound like you're one of those people. good luck man, and i'm sorry you have to endure 12 weeks of bullshit. :eek:
  7. rehab for weed is so fucking stupid like actually....theres nothing to rehabilitate about it....smoking weed isnt like meth or some shit it wont fuck your body up badly and shit.....dumbass friends brother got sent to rehab for weed...first day he got back he lit up a fattie blunt and hotboxed a car hahahaa shows how much the rehab did for him
  8. i'm very sorry to hear that :( it definitly does not sound like you need rehab, it's so unjust how they don't take the individual into consideration when dealing with marijuana "offenders"
    this is a substance than be USED nice 'n responsible, just like fucking legal alcohol, but unlike alcohol this beautiful substance has a wide range of positive uses that are well, useful; and it can be ABUSED (by people who do need help and support in their lives, or just plain douches).
    no consideration for your personal reasons for partaking in recreation that is a fuck of a lot less harmful than it is made out to be..just, "ok, i see you were pulled over and you were in possesion of x amount of marijuana. that means i'm going to give you x months probation, $xxxxxx.xx fine, and mandatory gay stupid fucking classes that are long and stupid and have nothing to do with your life, in fact these classes were created for people with personalities opposite of your own." alright, they don't say it like that :p but it's what is happening to me, too. :(
  9. That'd make a good anti-rehab commercial if there were such a thing.
  10. my mate who is also a member of this site ( Sir TokeAlot) is currently in drug counsiling and is also on a 6 month probation and from what i hear it sounds like absolute Bull shit to me as his drug counsiler is willing to sell him weed....????

    haha but geuss thats just his luck

    haha sorry to hear bout urs bro feel for ya

    well blaze on for you!!!
  11. Thats pretty rough man.. rehiblitation for Maryjane is pointless and simply a waste of time. Ya, try and reason with your P.O and see if he can shorten how long you have to go to that counciling.. hell if you are convincing enough he might cut it out completely (note: this is if he is not a complete hardass). Good luck dude, take it one step at a time.
  12. Im in an IOP rehab at talbot hall and i'm 18 my mom scewed me by either making me go or serving me w/ a aviction notice
  13. Thats basically where Im at, stop smoking, go to rehab or get kicked out. It sucks. I have already quit back a great deal, from smoking 5+ times a day to every couple days with friends.
  14. yes, that happened to me, i couldnt deal with that shit cuz im no addict and it was so fuckin annoying and inconvenient and pointless, i mean i got pulled over with a dime and had to get arrested the whole 9, that was when i was 18, i fuckin moved across the country, they sent a letter to my old house saying i had a courtdate, i went and got the probation thrown away and the "wreckless driving" bullshit charge thrown out too, all i had to do was pay the $1000 fine....which is still FUCKIN BULLSHIT considering if that happened where i live now, id MAYBE get a $100 ticket and let go, now i got a record for 5 years, what a country! good luck man, that was a stressful time for me and i feel ya!

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