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  1. still here june 25

    will be one year and 9 months sober

    yaddidi dig
  2. Way to Buzz!!!!!

    Holy shit... I thought you were gone. Way to go!!!
  3. oh. it's this guy :rolleyes:

    kind of miss your weird/random/funny threads.

    glad to hear youre doing good though!
  4. i remember youuuuuuu
  5. stick around some.
  6. Congrats brothaaa
  7. sickk. handle it
  8. If you went to rehab for marijuana, I am dissapoint.

  9. Choke on suffa., I went threw the ringer a few times cuz cuz
    Btw I'm out!
  10. What were you in rehab for?
  11. Im right there with ya. Its been just over a year for me, but my dry spell is coming to a glorious end very soon
  12. e,k,pcp,lsd,dmt
  13. Stay strong my man
  14. ya i got addicted to dmt too.

    i started going a lil crazy
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    r u serous
  16. Pills (opiates) are a fucking bitch dude congrats on the sobriety!.

  17. yes...

    freebase and mushrooms
  18. Good for you, man. I bet you feel great after all that sober time. Keep it up!

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