Rehab for Marijuana Addiction? LOL

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by blaze140, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I search Google for the term "pungent smell" and the 5th search result was Signs of Marijuana Addiction | The Canyon - Malibu, California:confused:

    I started reading the page and I couldn't help but laugh my ass off. One "Top Physical Symptoms of Marijuana Use and Addiction" was EUPHORIA. Isn't that suppose to be some good? Take a look at the page and let me know what you guys think of this funny BS.
  2. Thats funny and such bs it's basically saying that we shouldn't smoke and that we should be unhappy and depressed so you know what SIT BACK RELAX AND LIGHT UP HERB PRIDE WORLD WIDE :bongin:
  3. they can blow my big fat black c***
  4. Addicted to marijuana?I don't know...More like obsessed.
  5. you can become adicted to weed after so many years of constant smokeing. but still
  6. im not addicted to marijuana, marijuana is addicted to me!
  7. when i was in rehab 90% of ppl there were there 4 herbage XD
  8. That is the funniest thing i have ever read.Grey and green dried shredded leaves lol.I guess they dont have a rehab for cannabis indica only sativa dumb ignorant peaple.

  9. Haha thats so true with me:smoking:
  10. Marijuana is only addicting in the sense that something awesome is worth repeating
    lol :smoking:

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