Rehab BS.

Discussion in 'General' started by rollitup420, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. I know rehab for some people is helpful, but when parents send their pothead sons to rehab it doesnt seem to end well. I have a friend who was a regular pot smoker. He liked weed, like all of us. When his parents found out that he was smoking they sent him to group counseling (basically rehab). Last week he decided to quit rehab because of an issue not relating to drug use. When he quit he had been sober already for six months. Since being in rehab he has become a heavy cigarette smoker. His parents still drug test him at home since he is no longer in rehab so he cant smoke. The other day he told me that he bought some Robotussin and for the past 4 days straight he has been robo tripping every evening. All this because he can't smoke marijuana! To me this is the most ridiculous thing ever. Marijuana is such a harmless thing, but since he cannot use it, he has to go out and buy drugs that are dangerous. I just dont see how rehab was in any way a help to his situation six months ago. :(
  2. I dont understand how they allowed them to smoke freely and drink coffee, when they trying to QUIT ABUSING DRUGS. Something isnt right here.

  3. Why can't he use it? Just tell him to use it anyway and not take any drug tests.
  4. My buddy did' rehab for blow in London, Ont and he smoked everyday ciggs, When i went to visit him they searched me and the ppl in there were normal joes lol. But when he came out he was fucked like they said he was a skitso and shit. He was more normal on the stuff then anything lol.
  5. London's got a pretty nasty crack problem.


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