Rehab brainwashed my friend, man

Discussion in 'General' started by thc_is_good4me, May 15, 2006.

  1. Well my oldest, closest toking buddy went to rehab like 2 weeks ago, for prescription painkillers, not for weed or alcohol. I just saw him yesterday because he was switching places (the first place he went to was awful i guess) and I was able to talk to him for like 20 minutes before he left again...

    I of course asked him if he wanted to smoke a bowl before his new program started, and he declined (which is cool, but the old friend I knew would have been smoking in an instant). We were talking and he just seemed so different. He said he 'might smoke once in a while, maybe'. Before he left two weeks ago all he could talk about is how it's gonna suck ass not smokin for 3 months, and how great it will be once his tolerance is obliterated, etc.. and now it just seems like he's lost the passion.

    Now it's not at all like just because he doesnt smoke anymore I wont be his friend, but it's just gonna be weird, we used to hang out pretty much everyday smoking from sunrise till sunset (and then some), and I never EVER pictured this guy stopping smoking.

    I think it's great that he's kicking the pills, it's just nuts he could change so much in just 2 weeks, I wonder what he's gonna be like in 3 months..
  2. I respect him for saying no, but if experience has taught me anything, soon enough he'll be sitting on that couch again hitting that bowl with you...
  3. Dude I'm having the same experience now except my bud isn't in rehab or anything, he's just like changed alot and pretty much became edge in the span of like 2 days.

    And like you said, I don't think less of him or anything or am not going to chill with him because of it, but its just weird as shit now...
  4. he'll be many as i have seen quit all came back to it

    i dont mean the occassional smokers but the true potheads
  5. yeah dude just smoke a few bowls with him and he'll stick with it :) make sure he has no dts at all though, if he starts worrying youre fucked for good
  6. They all come back...
  7. Maybe not, maybe his views have changed.

    If we want people to respect our choice to smoke pot, then we have to respect their choice not to.
  8. I've quit smoking several times. And everytime I ended up back to my normal ways of about a dub a day, on average. Sometimes more.

    Everytime I've quit was pretty serious too. I used to suffer from terrible panic attacks, and my physcologist and doctor(s) convinced me I would never get better with marijuana in my life. So I toyed around with that for a while, didn't notice a huge difference. Then one day I just up and quit and said I was done, pretty much just because I was spending too much money, and "better mental health" was a plus.

    But after 4-5 months of that, one of my buddies convinced me into just smoking a bowl or two. I was skeptical, fearing a panic attack. I got fucking BAKED, and since then I've been going strong. It's been about a year, and the only time I went without was when I went out of town on business for three days, and couldn't score before hand. That sucked... bad.

    I tried to quit about 2 weeks ago due to job issues. Never really did. Kept saying "I'll finish off this sack and be done for a while." Figured I could get a job, and lower my tolerance at the same time. Then I found myself buying another sack the same day and having it be my last one. Then I did that a few more time and sad fuck it.

    But, now I'm getting a job and... I love marijuana.
  9. rep+
  10. For sure I am with you bro, we have to respect them if they respect us. JOE>

  11. haha, i hear that.
  12. lol dude he has just been to rehab.. they do brainwash you in there.. Once he gets done with all the rehab shit, it might take a few months but I can pretty much guarantee that he will become a pothead again. I've been to rehab, it changed me for like a month then i was back to normal :/

    You really do have to show improvment for them to let you out of there though
  13. howd it turn out?
  14. i wonder if people on painkiller forums say the same thing. "he'll be back..."

  15. Im pretty sure hes not going to respond...

    How did you find this thread anyway?
  16. Figured. Last activity says 06 so probably not. And i dont really remember.:hello:
  17. that would be weird if he did respond.... :bongin:
  18. :eek:

    And he acted like he just posted it. *cue twilight music*
  19. like... telepathicaly or some shit
  20. They probably beat it into your friends head that being high all the time in one of the most competitive economies in the history of the world is probably a bad idea.

    Fuckin mind control, maaaaaaaaan. They just don't get it.


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