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  1. It looks like it's good quality. But it looks absolutely ridiculous and cheesy in my opinion.
  2. you could get something with way less drag for less than that price. Never heard of them so i'd be hesitant to spend that kinda cash on it myself.
  3. looks like a drag queen imo

    fuck spending almost a grand lmao
  4. The description made me lol so hard. Strategically placed ice catcher.. yeah right where they are on every bong.
  5. You could buy a worked stem/8 for less than that....
  6. New water pipe, 2 foot rehab triple chamber 10 arm tree percs with pulsar turbine perc ash catcher. Can anyone tell me if it appears legit or counterfeit?

    Thanks in advance!

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  7. pretty sure that website is a scam would be careful
  8. hello! based on a quick look at this page on their website: 10 ARM TREES
    it looks real to me. I think you have an "RFT 10", and yours is the version without splash guard.
    now I can't speak to the quality of the glass or craftsmanship since I've never heard of them before, but I would be confident that your piece is a legit Rehab Glass. some of the glass welds and general work seem a bit sketchy to me from the close-up pics on the website.
    mind telling us how much you had to drop to acquire your triple tree?

    the "just4smokers" site was a crock of shit. now it is an inactive domain that (half of the time) sends you through an advertisement loop when you click it.
  9. I paid $200 for the piece. $250 with the ash catcher and $275 with the ash catcher and a pulsar quartz for dabs. The rehab glass goes for upwards 1k depending on how intricate the piece is but I got mine for a Black Friday discounted price a year or so ago from a local headshop. It’s joints and everything we’re all looked over by me under a light prior to purchase to make sure it was a solid piece. Haven’t used it yet but I have a feeling it will hit nice and hard once I finally get around to it.
  10. Turns out the brand Rehab is the new RooR. That company has been dissolved and rebranded as rehab so if RooR made a quality product I would assume the Rehab water pipes are as good or better.

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