Regulation, taxes and debt knock the U.S. out of the worlds top 10 economically free countries

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  2. For some reason i thought s.korea would be higher up.I think they have been moving up thoughSent from my LG-E739 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    Lol I thought you died.
  4. [quote name="pickledpie" post="19339606" timestamp="1389727995"]Lol I thought you died.[/quote]Nope. Just ragequitted for a while.Sent from my LG-E739 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Singapore has the potential to be even greater. If they respected civil liberties a little more it's be paradise.

    Some ridiculous percentage of those people are millionaires.
    Interesting, I used to visit a reflexology who was originally from Singapore and we used to chat while he applied excruciating pain to my feet.  He said that everybody in Singapore had a small business.  He painted a picture of a vibrant market place with thousands and thousands on entrepreneurs of various means all making a pretty good living.  In fact, I remember him saying everybody is there is rich.  Sounded a bit like the butcher, the brewer and the baker ...
    I never did ask why he left.  He was damn good at what he did.  A master bruiser.
  7. Interesting. I hear they have some bizarre laws though. Like talking down on politicians, spitting gum out.

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