Regulated smoking areas.

Discussion in 'General' started by Psycco, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. I feel like they should designate parks and some restaurants as ok to smoke weed in. I mean How fucking cool would it be to have a park or area at the beach where people go to smoke pot. I mean they even give the nudist a place why not us?? I know its illegal but I don't understand why? No matter how many times anyone explains it I will never understand.. I wish I knew smokers that arent pusies to go on some political rampage and make weed legal. I have a bunch of ideas to get attention to my 420 agenda I just need people that live in my area (Miami) that are down for the cause. HMU if you are out there so we can get a meeting going nd bounce ideas off each other. Nothing is impossible I really believe that so legalization dosen't sound unreasonable to accomplish. I just need people with balls.

  2. People with vagina's are often more convincing.

    ME: "Hey Joe citizen, would you like to sign this legalization petition?"
    -person hurriedly walking away

    PERSON WITH VAGINA (PWV for short): Hey Joe citizen sign up to legalize weed man....
    -sure thing sugar tits

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