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Regular vs. Dank

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nosubstance, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I live in TN and I've been beating the shit out of Mary for long enough to know what's up. Now in Memphrica we either get, Mexican brick weed, which is sometimes okay, usually not (occasionally you'll get lucky with good bud being bricked just to transport it, rare though), Regular weed, which is hardly regular at all, it is hard as shit to find here, lower level hydro, 20$/g dank, or <x> strain-name from Knoxville/Nashville/Florida, ect.

    Now, I have a good weed connection, especially for dank, some Russian fuck I met in highschool who has been moving pounds since we were bitches. Anyway, so I smoke on regular or mids, whichever is readily available at the time when I need to re-up before I get into a fight with the wife, everyday. Dank is something that is too damn expensive to smoke on every fucking day. God I am high, sorry, the rambling.

    Okay so the point, in Memphis most of us smoke regular. We just do it. Regular > Dank in all my friends eyes except for my Russian friend, and a few others who we always make sure to invite over on smoke-out sunday. Well, this week I went to Knoxville as-per-usual to go get some very fire danky-dank from the usual connection, along with anything else he is stocked up on. So as I buy my oz. of dank I ask a simple question, "know where to get any regular, here?" "We don't smoke regular in Knoxville." "We only smoke dank, we have a pound of regular and we can't even sell it, no one touches the shit here."


    I got a pound of some of the most fire regular shit I've seen since "red-hair" (something the young-ins dunno about!) for 825. I mean this shit was correctly cured and dried. It looks beautiful. Oh and his acid was amazing too. Well, I drove back to Memphis with this shit, and it sold like a mother fucker (120oz, 5grams straight up until half oz.)

    Damn, to my point again, so I traveled to Nashville last night and picked up about 400 suboxone and asked about some regular weed again. "Most people here don't smoke below beasters."

    WAT. How do you people smoke weed. Constantly on forums all people talk about is dank. I mean, can 95% of the stoners on the internet be trolling about how much dank they smoke? Dank just doesn't seem worth the money. Especially seeing as 20$ a gram pretty much completely limits you to bowl, generally. I dunno, give me your opinion on regular. I don't mean dirt, I mean regular like light/dark green, noticeable hairs, but not a lot buy any means, some seeds, but dark, healthy seeds, not a 1:2 ratio of seeds/stems:bud.

    I was raised on regular and I'll die with it, granted dank is fun as hell to smoke on occasionally.

    Give me your 0.02.

  2. i like dank over regular stuff. the smell,taste and the longer effects are worth it to me. i use less and it is more enjoyable to smoke.
  3. i got the same problem in bmore..thats y im get ready to cc:devious:
  4. Regular to me is dank..... anything else is not....
  5. After smoking for so long I am used to smoking mids or even schwag, in the end it all gets you high. Dank is just for special occasions or if I can get a nice deal.
  6. dank>mids

    1 I smoke alone i get dank
    2 I cant find mids
    3 taste-smell-longer effect

    but i mostly smoke alone so i buy dank but if i smoked with someone everyday id get mids

    but im bout to go smoke a bowl of dank so cyaaa
  7. Unfortunately I'm really the only person in the group I smoke with that believes in Quality>Quantity and thus the only person that will buy dank really. It sucks that they think that they get a better deal by paying less when in reality they pay for shitty weed that tastes awful. Where I'm from we don't get decent mids/Regular bud. I would say that most of the "mids" I see are closer to shwag. I've only ever seen Beasters ONCE in my life, so for me its either the dankest of the dank outdoor or shitty fucking brown weed. The choice is easy!
  8. no one that grows high quality is going to sell it for anywhere near 825.......thats a complete joke
    maybe 1600 for a pound is still really low
  9. I wish I was in a position where I could buy a fucking pound of dank... haha.
  10. i smoke mids about 3/4 of the time then i get 30-60's or 35-70's the other part of the time
  11. $20 of mids is going to be the same as $20 in dank.

    3 blunts with the mids and a nice amount of bowls with the dank.

    1-2 bowls= 1 blunt
  12. Even though dank is more expensive than mids, I vape a lot less when the bud is more potent, so it kinda equals out.
  13. Dankkkk. I love smelling the grinder after I grind up some nice herb. Makes my nostrils tingle.
  14. As per living where I do, I normally have to settle was some pretty mid level shit until a connection gets a hold of something or I go about 30 min - 1 hour drive away to buy some pretty dank shit from a friend.

    All in all, I'd rather take some alright shit that takes double the amount to smoke to get high than some pretty high grade bud that costs 3 times as much.

    However, I won't complain; I love Mary Jane whenever we're together.
  15. ok.. so if you offered me an ounce of low-mids or an 1/8 of dank nugs. i would take the dank any day. i do like the cost-effectiveness of swhag and mids but i do not like the high. i am not a snob ill smoke whatever i can get but in my years of smoking i would tell you the high from nugs is much more clean, crisper, longer, and headache proof. your call tho man whatever makes u happy and keeps you stoned :D
  16. Because Dank gets me stoned, and middies get me either buzzed or "really buzzed" but never that head changing, stone of dank.

  17. This is why I make firecrackers with mids. Those get me incredibly high. Also, a low tolerance smoker can smoke mids and get extremely high. I bet if you stop smoking for a month mids will fry you.
  18. I stopped smoking from about May 19th until July 30th this Summer which is a 72 day tolerance break. The day I smoked it was quality mid-grade pot, but I definitely wasn't as high as I was the first time I EVER smoked or even as high as I used to feel before I started smoking dank. I just wonder if there is a perception change that makes me feel like I'm not as high as I used to be.
  19. Here in south florida [key largo] we make fun of people that smoke regs crip is the only way to go
  20. I only buy dank. Since im spending a good amount of time chillin with mary, I wanna see her lookin sexy, ya know??

    Im no snob though, illl roll 3rd and 4th generation blunts and I get super ripped on vape poo, i just dont like reg unless im getting smoked up on it

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