Regular Vs. Blackstrap Molasses?

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  1. As I understand it, Blackstrap molasses is less sweet but more nutritional than regular molasses that has not been boiled as long. And therefore it has more microbes.
    can i boil grandma's unsulphured molasses into blackstrap? how?

  2. just usenit dont boil or anything im sure it will be fine as is tbh you can use it along side organic nutes as i do all the time
  3. If its unsulphured its fine, There's no microbes in the molasses, the molasses feeds the mcirobes already present in the soil.
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  4. yup, anything unsulphured is just fine
  5. Thanks guys. I have read anywhere from 1 tsp. to 1 tbsp. a gallon, so i figure i will do about 2 tsp. a gallon, and water every other day
  6. only water if it needs it feel the pot lift it and see or stick ya finger in an inch if its dry water of not leave it a day or so you dont wanna over watwr ya plant
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    yea, ive had a few harvests, so overwatering is not a problem for me. I water 12 or 13 plants with one gallon of water, 3 of those are 2 weeks from harvest. 

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