Regular Spiral CFL vs. Flood CFL

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  1. Hey guys i just bought some flood cfl lights, 14 watt that they say is equivalent to 65 watt and has an output of 600 lumens per bulb. Now for some reason i have my other regular spiral light which is a litlle higher wattage (i think 23) but it seems soooo much brighter than the flood light. Why is this? It looks like the flood light is just a spiral cfl with a cone around it. Should i return them and just get some more regular cfls?
  2. I would suggest using regular CFLs.

    The flood lights are made to 'flood' light, not direct it right at your plant..

    And remember they emit most of their light off the sides, not the tip.

    GL, 17:bongin:

  3. ive seen some flood lights in action and they just dont put off light as intensely as regular cfls. i recommend getting more normal cfls
  4. If youre going for permanent CFL lighting id look into building a fluoro tube setup..

    You can get everything you need at!

    Lemme know if you have questions on that..
  5. alrighty thanks guys!
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    The brightness of the bulb is about the lumens it puts out. You said the flood light only puts out 600 lumens, whereas that 23 watt regular CFL is probably putting out around 1500 lumens.

    If I was you, I'd stick with regular spiral CFLs.

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