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  1. This cartoon is pretty trippy. Any other trippy cartoons out there?
  2. How is it trippy?
    I've only seen 1 ep, was boring.

    Trippy for me, is:

    Xavier renegade angel

    If you can top that, you win.
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    Madtv. I know its stupid, but if you just sit and watch, its like robot chicken for kids.
  4. All cartoons are trippy.

    Courage the cowardly dog is pretty trippy at times.
    Id say invader zim, but thats more weird than trippy.
    Adventure time is just plain awesome.

    Most shows on adult swim and cartoon network are meant for stoners.

  5. Tim and Eric show man, or Dr. Steve brule.
    Can you top that stupid-ness?

    Perhaps it's more retarded, still a heaps good show though, tonne of characters.

  6. Tim and Eric show is so funny :D

    But yeah last week I watched all of the regular show high off my ass... a great cartoon, same with adventure time (not really trippy but very entertaining when high)

    Also problem solverz is pretty trippy too, but I can't get into, you might like it though...
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    I just had to slap these here, even if no one watches them now, I hope someone will one day.
  8. Man, problem solverz is fucked up weird.
    I love it >:)
  9. Since everyone is saying 'Regular show is so trippy!' everywhere I look, I'm gonna give it another shot.
  10. [ame=]‪Regular Show - A Bunch Of Baby Ducks‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
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  12. it's a good show,but superjail is realllly trippy and also that new show on cartooon network the amazing world of gumbal would be cool hig oh and also pwer rangers!!!!
  13. I gotta say my favorite show to watch high has got to be adventure time

  14. Signed up just to say that x)

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