Regular Show!

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  1. I FUCKING love the Regular Show!:yay:

  2. Haha, it really is a great show. Anything with J.G., Pendleton, or Thurop involved is cartoon gold.
  3. had to bump this

    regular show is teh shiz
  4. I wish it was on adult swim though, Adventure time is cool to though
  5. I watch this show this is a animated comedy show i a very much found of cartoon show so i like this show very much...
  6. i spotted a pot reference!!!!

    in the episode where mordecai and rigby get sent to another dimension via a microwave loaded with clocks, father time appears before mordecai as a talking mass of clocks. one of the digital clocks says 4:21, but when it cuts to a closeup it says 4:20!!!!!
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    Dude! I noticed that when I watched too!
  8. Damn. Mega Bump!
  9. Funny show. Me like. Adventure Time as well. That is all.

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