Regular pruning vs. Iregular

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  1. *Goal: Highest outdoor yield*. I remove most leaves that are shading branches, it works awesome so far promoting lots of secondary and tertiary ( 3rd stage of branching) branches, what do you guys do defoliating wise?
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  2. I just started my first ever grow this year, outdoor, check the thread I made in new growers. I've been just mixing together all the things I've heard and pick and choosing what I think works for me. I haven't done a tone of defoliation, but I did start by removing some of the oldest fan leaves that were getting in the way of growth, were shaded and no longer useful, that opened up a lot of airflow. I started picking off all the growth sites on the inner most areas where the light isn't reaching. I tried to keep as many fan leaves as possible. I've been trying to stick to main branch growth and have clipped off a few secondary shoots lower down as they sprout. If it's not already upwards and outwards I have been removing it. My hope is that I will end up with larger more consistent sized buds with even growth vs just some big colas, some regular, and some larfy under developed bud.
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    Okay are they flowering ? If you want more consistency, you want to create a flat canopy having the branches the same height, this makes them grow at same rate creating multiple similar size colas vs. 1 main, to do this you must force the plant to this by topping the plant to the height of the nearest node, allowong others to catch up by changing growth hormones(auxins) in the plant. Or you can bend the leader branch of the plant down to height of next branch down, or fim it by removing 80-90% of newest growth. Bending the main stalk at a 45° creates the same effect causing a shrub with 5x the flowers vs. Christmas tree
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  4. Good to know! No they're not quite at flowering yet. I haven't stretched the plant out much, and only topped once. But it's branched outward nicely near the bottom. I know the two main colas I have will produce the biggest bud, I guess I'm just trying to prevent really puny stuff from growing way down low and inside, and help the rest of the branches focus energy on the buds higher up. Don't have any current side shots but here's one from a couple weeks ago. Probably a lot more that could have been done to it to increase yield.

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  5. Nice okay prime time to still do it, drill holes in top of pot edge, make 6" loop in yarn and place on branch and pull down and secure to minimum 45° angle. You will feel when to stop bending, branch will have resistance. Doing this promotes exploding secondary growth, its unreal, i went from 10 branches to now 50+ and expecting 75+ tops instead of 20. Here is a hashplant, youngest photo is aug 4/19, 17 days later it is 5 times the size!! Enjoy

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  6. Yeah that's looking like a big difference! I'm sure my plants could use more training, I'm just going to let them be for now. I'm not sure if I have the pot space or the grow time to really get much out of training, they pretty much are starting flowering, growth is almost done. They could use more spacing on the upper branches forsure.

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  7. I let the plant grow and cut off leaves that start to die off. I also like to lollipop and remove lower buds but simply chopping off healthy leaves isn't MY style. I do like to top as well and train the branches down so they're mostly uniform.
  8. i trim some of the inner leaf that dont get any light whatsoever. dont go crazy just areas where moisture is likely to sit and potentially invite pm.
  9. Irregular trimming would be you outside trimming your plants with your dick hanging out your pants.
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  10. In my opinion, every bit helps, and those plants could double in size or more during flower! So there is time forsure, once spread at a flattish angle, the secondary branches shoot up immediately and fills the plant in nicely, but whatever you do, im sure it will turn out well.
  11. Double in size? Jesus they are already almost three and a half feet tall, I don't even know if these pots will be able to handle that much plant.
  12. I never remove fan leaves until 2 weeks before harvest and my plants are 10' tall and 10' diameter and yield well over 5 pounds each.
  13. Think of leaves like solar panels.

    Would you remove a 20' x 20' solar panel so you can expose a few 2' x 2' solar panels?
  14. Why do you remove them 2 weeks before? Does it help with your yield? Thanks

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  15. It helps with 3 things.

    1. It exposes the buds so they fatten up a lot during the last two weeks of bloom before harvest (plus the leaves are usually pretty yellow and close to death by then anyway)
    2. It helps keep the buds from getting bud rot because it improves airflow
    3. Saves me the pain in the ass of removing the fan leaves before I hang the buds to dry
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  16. I have a much shorter growing season to get as many branches as i can thats all, but obviously you dont have to clearly with those plants.
  17. In all fairness I live at the 40th parallel in northern California, I started them indoors on January first, and I have 25 years of outdoor experience. It's like getting in a guitar duel with Jimmy Hendrix
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  18. If I knew what the hell I was doing I could have had mine started in march inside and in the ground ASAP mid-early may. Would have given them a whole month more of grow time. Looking back I would have put them straight into 5+ gallon pots instead of these small pots.

    Soooo much I'm finally aware of that could have helped me out.

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  19. They look great. The only way to get experience is to try, succeed or fail you always learn and improve your skills.

    It's like role playing game levels except for growing.
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  20. 1) I hate RPG's, and 2) The more these buds grow and stay healthy and lush the more I feel like the pressure is on to not fuck up all this potentially awesome smoke. I'm a cheap bastard, I'm surprised it took me this long to even start growing. 4 legal plants FTW

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