Regular plant food, NPK 5-3-7?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JesusGreen, May 10, 2011.

  1. Okay so my seeds arrived today, I picked up 10kg of potting soil and the only fertiliser I could find, which said the NPK was 5-3-7 on the back. Will this be fine for weed?

    Also, how much should I use? I know nothing about gardening so I have no clue, and since I'm in Poland, I can't read the instructions on the bottle :p
  2. Learn Polish?
  3. hi jesus green!!!

    first ,dont put fertilizer to your seeds now

    you have to wait that your plants have 4to 6 leafs

    your fertilizer is it a slow releast one????

    5-3-7 is agood fertilizres because it is high in potassium( K ) and it will give a stronger
    body. and you can combine a nitrogen (N) fertilizers.

    for a nitrogen fertilizer if you can find a lawn fertilizer is good to use.

    but it will be a slow releast fertilizer.

    you just put it on the top of soil and it will melt slowly

    but i dot know wat you can find for fertilizers in your cuntry
  4. Don't worry I'm not planning to fertilise my plants just yet, just want to know in advance so I can look for others if necessary. I have some lawn food in my garage so I'll check if that's high in nitrogen. Thanks for the tips :)
  5. will they grow outside or inside????

    because be sure that your plant dont have to much nitrogen for flowering period.

    so if it melt in to month you put 2 times that fertilizers.
  6. Most likely all will be outside, but possible 2 or 3 inside.
  7. and if your fertilizer 5-3-7 is a liquid apply it once per week and stop 2 weeks befor harvest.

    for flowering period if you can find a fertilizer high in phosphate (P)

    exem. 10 - 20 - 5 i use a fertilizer for grass seeds and sods
    and it is a slow releast one suposed to mealt in one month.
    so you put 2 times that fertilizer if your strain has 60 days or more for flowering.

    and dont worry. even if they said lawn fertilizer you can use it for someting is juste a marketing name for the product .
  8. Thanks for all the help, I wish I could rep you 10x for it. Really helped :)

    I'm going out hunting spots today (guerilla). On a related note, if I'm planting them in the ground, how hard will it be to flush them before harvest? I heard it takes a lot longer when you're not using pots.
  9. if you dont put to much fertilizer the plant will use all the fertilizers and then when

    you harvest it , for the last week,if it dosent rain just water it a lot.

    keep it growing

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