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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Drybananna, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. So I bought some pot from my friend's cousin and asked her what strain it was.. She said it was "regs", what? Never heard of that before, sorry if this is a dumb question. What is 'regs'? Is it short for a certain type of strain? Idk.
  2. i suggest reading the stickys but it is just a mid-low grade type of marijuana nothing special
  3. "Regs" you speak of isn't a strain... It's quality Weed. Below Mids.
  4. Oh, sorry, my bad. Read the stickies, helped a lot.

    So.. How do I know if it's sativa or indica then?

    I got 5 grams for 5$, was it a good deal for regs or no?

    Thanks again.
  5. Regs aka mid's arent anything special. They are just halfway decent bud.
  6. sativa gives you a head high
    indica gives you a body high kinda couchlock kinda high.
  7. Aha, I know.

    I was just wondering how I know if the reg I got was sativa or indica.

    Or does this not so special bud not have a classification? :(
  8. $5 for 5 grams is nothing short of an amazing deal... It usually costs me about $50 for less...

    Typo? Or maybe did you weigh it wrong/say the wrong thing? If not, go buy every bit of marijuana this guy has and sell it at standard prices... make a fortune...
  9. If you smoke it and get a head high its a sativa...if you get a body high lazy type of high then its indica. I dont know how to tell by looking at sorry bro.
  10. Indica generally has chubbier, shorter/thicker buds. Sativa, on the other hand, COULD have longer buds, skinner buds.

    All Purp is indica, isn't it?.
  11. Oh DAMN. Cost that much, really? For that quality? Well, I honestly don't know how much any grams look like, so I'll provide you with a picture.

    How much did they give me about?

    Lo siento for bad quality pic.. Phone camera sucks.

    Sorry, Im slightly new to this, hoping it will help my anxiety.
  12. its most likely a mix between the two. But if you are paying 5 bucks for 5 grams, there isnt a point in trying to tell really...

    You got some really cheap stuff, probably not too good... i hope you know what weed looks like too... you got weed right? Like little buds, not leaves and stuff?
  13. All marijuana has a classification to some extent.

    5g's for $5 is a pretty good deal, but prices vary depending on where you live.

    If you feel really lazy and like you just want to lay down and sink into your couch its most likely an indica.

    If you feel really creative and like you want to explore and its more effecting your thought process then its most likely a sativa.

    But its most likely a hybrid of indica and sativa, and most weed is.
  14. Its ground up which unless you did that is a big no-no when buying weed. It looks like its 5 grams though bro.
  15. ok just saw the pic... yea you just got some cheap bud... its either shake or its already been broken up. It will get you high without any tolerance, but you can find much better tasting, lookig, smelling, stuff.

    You got a good deal though... be happy about that.
  16. do you mind taking pics of the weed? ive never seen weed go for a dollar a gram. not even shake and schwagg. you probably were ripped off, man :(

    if you cant then can you answer these

    what kind of weed was it? (already ground up, nugs, etc)

    does it have a lot of crystalization?

    how does it smell?

    can you see a lot of hairs?

    how are many seeds/stems are present?

    how high do you get?
  17. Lol, even if it was the worst weed in the world he still only lost $5 so I wouldn't really care all that much if it was me.
  18. #18 Drybananna, Jun 6, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 6, 2009
    Shit, I hope my friend didn't rip me off..

    Well, I bought her a cigar on the way to her house so she discounted a little, but I wouldn't think she discounted TOO much.

    A pic of the bud is on the other page, homie. The bud smells really good, like the last Chronic I got. I'll try to get a HQ pic to make sure she didn't rip me off.. Thanks a lot guys, you peeps are fuckin' awesome for helpin, haha.




    & lol.. It's an alligator, RAAWR.

    Aha.. I amuse myself too much.

    Anyway.. did I get some crap? :/

    EDIT: Yeah.. Only 5$.. Oh well. Im morely just pissed if my friend would actually rip me off like that, is why I wanna know.

  19. Nah man $5 is a deal for 5g's, she hooked you up. Definitely didnt get ripped.
    And thats definitely weed man, smoke up.
  20. Regs stand for "regular" weed....meaning commercial shit... runs bout $40 an oz where im from... bottom of the barrell crap

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