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Regs vs Dro

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sombra, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. decided to post it here for the noobies who can't decide which way to go. doesn't really match the personal use version but can still help you decide which way you wanna go with it

    I have this girl coming over tonight and she told me she wanted to smoke bud for the first time. I'm pretty chill wen it comes to sharing but I'm on a limited budget ($40) plus this being her first time i don't wanna get her smoked up and have her freak out. but i also don't wanna get her smoked then have her falling asleep. so what should i do? buy 2gs of some fine dro and make it last for a week and 4 days or should i buy 2 twens and smoke like a beast
  2. just have like like .6 g or so between the two of yas i hav that much and i was soo high (my first time so i had like 0 tolerance) and that will probly do for a bit and when it wears out ask her if she wants to do a lil bit more :bolt:
  3. It does not really matter which you buy honestly. If you go with the dank, just give her less. Have her take a small hit and wait a while to see how it affects her before smoking more.

    Also, I'm sure that you already know this but "Dro" just is just a way of saying hyDROponic. "Dro" does not automatically mean it's dank. It is possible to get low THC dro. Just sayin'...
  4. half dro half mids ;)
    But yeah .. give her mids.. I doubt she will fall asleep on you..
  5. liek said above, "dro" has NOTHING to do with the quality. You could grow shwagg hydroponicly. You do know that right?

    But on topic, if it's her first time, just stick with mids. To give her a nice little body high so she can see how she likes the feel of it. If you smoked her up with some kine bud she's most likely get paranoid and freak out.
  6. ok I'm sorry all you technical term people what i meant to say was kush, Dro around here is used to express some bomb
  7. thats what we say here for some 'designer' weed lol. hey man, u gotta and dro? or dodo sometimes even. but as for your question, get the dro. she will only need to hit it like once or twice and you will still have plenty. the reason i say the dro is for the smooth taste and potency. dont want her smokin dirty weed the first time. go all out! maybe she will be like my gf, who cant help but rape me when she is on some really good dro lol :D
  8. Haha unfortunatly i didn't get raped. i couldn't find any mids so i just bought a gram pretty bomb shit stil got half a g left and we were fucked up. lacing it with a little salvia seemed to make you feel higher but no hallucinations
  9. hahah u laced it with salvia
  10. hell yea. I said why the fuck not and threw a pinch in the bowl
  11. Let me get shit straight you didnt want her to freak out so you put salvia in her bowl wtf? Salvia extract is some crazy shit at least the 30x i got was.
  12. "... Tuna vs. Prime Rib?"

  13. Just like 'dro', 'kush' is not a measure or indicator of quality. Kush is a family of strains from the Hindu Kush region of Asia. You could have a poorly-grown kush strain that is straight schwagg.
  14. Just use dank.

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