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  1. Ok here is a picture of a plant that is very ready to harvest.
    The buds hairs are turning brown-red and most all of them are at the same stage of growth.
    I am going to carefully trim the buds off the plant and see if it happens to start regrowth of the bud areas and also maybe allow the baby buds I do leave to grow larger.

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  2. nice buds. i dont know if a plant could regrow and bud, but its worth a try
  3. that is exactly what you should do. Give that plant a chance to let the smaller buds grow when you harvest the larger buds. I always live by the frame of mind...what will it hurt to try? Anyways I think you could even revert it back to veg and use it as a Mother if you want.
  4. You just have one plant ?

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