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regrow after harvest

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by miamidopeboy, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. hey guys its been awhile since i been here mainly women problems but back to mary, i got a question , when my plant is ready to harvest and i cut the main stem, one about where do i cut it and two, does that mean the plant will take another three months to regrow or is that plant done, i basically want to know what happens when the grow is over do i have to restart or what, im guessing it will regrow from the stump but you guys are the pros so any help would be good, thanks
  2. MJ is an annual plant. It grows one season and dies.
  3. seeds and clones only my friend
  4. Hell if we could do that it would be great just cut it of like a head of lettuce and wait for the next plant to grow!!! LOL !! Well they don't grow back. After you cut the stock of the plant the root will not regenerate for you.. You can cut a clone off before budding sets in I believe. You just got to be careful not to cut it to short because you could stress. They can sometimes die from being stressed to much.

    Please Don't hold me true to what I have stated. If you see I said I BELIEVE !!!

    Good luck on what ever you choose to do with your plant. Every year my brother takes one or two plants and does experiements with them to see if he can improve his yeild and plant size.
    He says that if they die he's got plenty growing that are growing WONDERFULLY!!!
  5. so what is the maximum amount of time a MJ plant can survive? i hear about these 20 foot tall pot plants and wonder how long it takes em to get that big
  6. MJ is an annual plant, they get that size in ONE season then die.
  7. indoors they can grow for years, i had a mother plant growing under 18/6 lights and took clones off her after i harvested the previous grow. but outside this has no relevance they grow for a season then die if they get to 20 feet tall then they have optimal conditions
  8. you can regenerate plants inside... i've heard of it happening outside, but I don't think it would work as often since you can only give it the amount of hours of light the sun is out. inside you leave 1/3rd of the plant there.. you don't harvest it at all. leave the smaller buds on the bottom and leave enough foliage for it to survive, then you trim the rootball to roughly match the size of the foliage left, then put it under 24 hours of light and feed it some nitrogen. I've seen a bunch of people do it. I'd imagine it's not very easy to do though.
  9. Do what that guy said, leave enough leaves and branches for it to survive but cut all the main buds and smoke them lol. I've reveged before, its no big deal... i think the plant is happy to grow more dank for you. I have cut a bud off of my plant (25-30 days into flowering) and coned and reveged the clipping. Hardy HAR HAR
  10. Yes, I have never done this but have heard of mother plants being kept going under lights for several years.

    But this is of course totally artificial and doesn´t happen outdoors - this is the outdoor forum.
  11. Bump. I'm going to be trying to regrow my harvest. Check out my journal for updates. The plant known as Velma (in my grow) is currently regenerating after being harvested. I cut ALL the larger budsites worth smoking but left a few tiny tiny little mini bud sites towards the very bottom. She's regrowing from those spots and I grow outside.
  12. the only problem is that because of the limited daylight now and for the next 4 months or so, nature should most likely make her go back into flowering rather than vegging. let us know how it all works for you though. i brought mine indoors after harvest for vegging a few weeks ago. she's looking good but i can't say for sure if she's putting on new growth yet.
  13. I've regenarated plants many times. when you harvest,leave some small inner growth, switch lights to 24 hours. branches form one from each bract. did it once by putting unimpressive bud outside in may, they went crazy, tons of branches. gave nearly 1 lb per plant and only grew 3 foot tall
  14. Is it possible outside because I have one that's still in the ground with everything I've brought outdoor plants back from the dead before

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