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Regret never smoking before the school day in High School?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Cheeto Jones, May 4, 2016.

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    I've been thinking a lot... I really regret never smoking pot right before going to school. Not bringing pot to school, of course, but being 15 and taking some giant bong hits with my neighborhood friends and then getting on the school bus, listening to badass rap music in the back of the bus on our portable speakers, then going into my first block class high.

    In 10th grade, my first class was a BS elective where we always had a substitute and just dicked around on the computer. Right after was my gym class where all we did was walk around outside and do whatever we wanted. That was followed directly by lunch, then an English class where we got to write stories (mine always referenced drugs), then a really chill history class where we watched movies.

    I regret never smoking before school, it would have been the most liberating experience. Looking back, I realize what a joke high school was and how it didn't matter. But back then, I would think "GETTING HIGH AT SCHOOL??? ARE YOU JOKING! Terrifying! Waste of weed! I'd get in trouble, I'd ruin my life!"

    I try to live without regrets, but I can't help but reminisce on my old high school days and wish I had one experience being totally smacked. If you smoked before starting your school day, was it worth it? Did you have positive experiences? More-so asking if people did it as an "out of the ordinary" thing, not the people who always smoke before class!
  2. You have the best username and picture I've ever seen.

    Yeah bud, I graduated recently too. Smoking before/at school was so awesome. It was honestly how I remember my senior year (10th/11th grade I'd just smoke after). I'll tell you this though: The fear of getting caught is TERRIBLE. We had drug dogs at our school that'd sweep the parking lot (they don't work well, very long story), and I'd always be scared they'd hit on my car.

    Also having very occasional run ins with the principal when I left for lunch to smoke was terrible. We couldn't leave campus and administrators usually would patrol the parking lots. I'd sneak out almost every day somehow, but coming back to school really was sketchy. I had plenty of times where I almost got fucked, but I was a good student so the principal always let me off the hook.

    My 5th pd DE Bio teacher would never give a shit, even if she was presenting a lecture and I walk in smelling like a blunt, high af trying to get papers off her desk. I felt invincible lol. I honestly think she's come in low key high before.

    TLDR: The whole experience was great, but it would've been just as good either way. I'd probably cut one of my balls out just to relive my SR year.

    Now if my administrator would try to stop me from leaving at lunch, I'd just leave anyway. Like what's he gonna do... send me to detention?? Lmao.
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  3. I don't regret never getting high before school, because it WOULD'VE been a waste.
  4. My 10th and 11th grade years I only smoked after school. I started smoking in my car before school either alone or with my friend towards the middle/ end of 12th grade. It was pretty great.

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  5. Did it a few times, but never found it as enjoyable as the rest of my homies.

    I've always enjoyed it at the end of the day. Good way to wind down and relax after accomplishing something that day. Don't have to worry about anything either.
  6. Respect. Guess it's just something I'm reflecting back on and not thinking of rationally, I suppose I made the best decision at the time. Pot was hard to come by, and why waste my high surrounded by douchebag teachers when I could listen to music and be creative afterwards?
  7. I would when friends/neighbors had it but back then I don't remember being high. I don't think I was inhaling properly lol
  8. Nope, cause I did smoke before school numerous times. I used to drink before school on some occasions too.
  9. Eh its not that great... it also raises ur tolerance and you run out faster. Sorta waste of a high.

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  10. First class is pretty fun then the rest of your day takes forever, maybe it just wasn't for me but I prefered waiting till after school where I could do what I wanted during the high.

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  11. I never smoked until I was out of school entirely, and I don't regret it for a second. You don't actually need weed to be creative and to enjoy music; I did both constantly without any help. I still do both, both with and without smoking.

    I only wish that I'd had a more balanced view of marijuana back then - the demonization of the devil's weed was strong in those days.
  12. I did it before but I didn't enjoy
    It as much because I was a huge pussy about it. I was tripping balls half the times but there was some good moments. I also stopped because I couldn't do classwork so
    It's not all that.

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  13. I never smoked in high school. I didn't drink either. I am actually happy I didn't but I do wish I didn't take highschool so seriously. But I do not really think about it much. On the inverse all the people who messed around in high school and are my age are all royally fucked up. They are always talking about how they miss high school and it was the best time of their life. I hated high school and I am just getting started. While they are all reminiscing and working the same gas station they will work at their whole lives I am taking off like a rocket leaving them in my dust. Those are just the ones who are still alive. My graduating class has lost over 20 people to drunk driving or drugs. Sorry this kind of turned into a rant.
  14. Sometimes we would smoke before school and then at lunch again. It was actually like the greatest thing ever because school got over so quickly for me and I just really enjoyed my time. But most of the times we just didn't have enough weed and would just save it for lunch or after school because even if you'd hurry like a mf you would still have only a few minutes to smoke and then worry about getting back in time and not smelling like a walking joint
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  15. I'm guessing you were the quiet kid in highschool that got picked on a ton and was never invited to social events
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  16. I was quiet. I was never invited to anything because I was in all of the advanced courses. I didn't hang out with the jock/popular crowd. That being said I was popular. I have always been an introverted person though but I am not anti social I am just happier when I am alone or with a small group. Also I wasn't bullied because I can fight and was popular to an extent that everyone knew me. I am almost done with college now and I have partied a ton. No regrets.
  17. You still don't have to put down those less successful than yourself
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  18. Huh?
    In my point of view he was just explaining how he enjoyed how he didnt touch mary in hs.
    Then started to rant about alcohol and his class then apologised. Afterwards you attempted to put him down.
    He then explained his situation in enough detail to let u know how it was for him.
  19. I never really smoked too much before school/classes, but we did fly off to the back parking lot at times, and usually right after school it would be Atari, dried fruit, soda, the arcade, and...


  20. Throughout my junior and senior year of high school I smoked pretty frequently before school.

    Honestly, looking back on it, it was a huge waste of time and weed. I'd smoke before school, then my high would be gone by 3rd or 4th period. After 4th period, I'd start to come down and all I could think about was lunch time. After lunch I'd get tired and be very unproductive from the rest of the day. Then after school, I'd have less weed to smoke because I chose to wake and bake for a high I couldn't even enjoy.

    You kids say high-school is pointless, but just wait until you get into the real workforce. You are gonna wish you payed attention in some of those classes and remembered some of that stuff.

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