Registry errors?

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by Mantikore, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. I use Eusing Free Registry Cleaner. It seems like the same 26 to 29 errors keep coming back. How do you fix shit permanently?
  2. *sigh*

    Stop using registry cleaners.

    Actually, now that you have actually used one of those scumbag programs, might as well just reformat your computer, there's no repairing the registry after "CLEANING" it. You can't "clean" the registry, that's like giving your bank statement to the bank and saying "fix this for me, i need more money". It just doesn't work that way...
  3. What are you trying to fix?

    You run a program that tells you are there errors. Big whoop. I can write a program that tells you "Critical System Error. Poor pigeon shit into your computer until it smells bad."

    The registry cleaners always flaunt themselves as speeding up your PC, etc. but I've never seen one make a noticeable difference.

    I target specific registry entries that are problematic, I don't try blanket sweeps that are out of my control.

  4. Probably this one...
  5. the only software like that, that i use is Ccleaner ( stands for crap cleaner) it will scan for things like deleted programs that did not get removed. other than that. I would not use one.
  6. Maybe some of the errors it is reporting refers to registry entries that have permissions changed from malware traces that were not fully removed.

    Can you post a few examples? :smoke:

  7. malware, you mean like

    hurhurhurhur :smoking:
  8. Well I play the lame ass online game, Battlefield Heroes. Whenever there's lag problems, the admins say to clean up the registry, so I do.. Lol, I don't know wtf it's actually doing.. but none the less.

  9. What the fuck! Lag has NOTHfuckingTHING AT ALL to do with the registry... christ, I want to up-slap the shits that told you that BS.

    Those scan results are COMPLETE fucking bullshit. The HKU\S-1-5-20 key is the "NT Authority" user profile, which has no standard user profile... hence has no fucking "Shell Folders" that your shitty little scanner is bitching about. And you can't remove those because it's part of the NT Authority user profile, which NOTHING ON THE COMPUTER SHOULD EVER MANIPULATE... let alone scanning for shell folders! Those entries are static and if they're ever changed, your documents/desktop/favorites/etc., will stop working. Or will stop working for whatever user those keys are being removed from.

    God, please, please, please, locate that program's "undo" function, undo ALL cleaning done by this program... REMOVE IT... and never look back. Best thing you can do right now.
  10. Checked to see if the program itself was malware. :D

    The other option is to simply uncheck those items. Faclonfour is right in that often times reg. cleaners are more harm that good, but in the right hands. 90%+ users should never use one. Even CCleaner in the wrong hands will knock out individual Pharos settings in an Open Lab environment. :smoke:
  11. I feel mislead and abused now. I think they're pulling shit out of their ass though cause for some reason the game has a huge memory leak now that causes the game to suck up whatever it can get it's hands on. Then when Punkbuster needs to do some work, it can't and you get lagged or booted.
  12. You're running XP, ffs. With a 10 year old OS, your hardware can't be all that great. Care to start dropping specs? :p
  13. Lol, my computer is pretty old, but it still keeps up with WoW at least. I haven't really played anything that required more than WoW.

    It's an AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3800+ 2.4 GHz. 2 gig of RAM. and GeForce 9500 GT. That's all I know how to look at..
  14. What type if Internet connection?

    Next possibility is video card; decrease graphics quality in the game to see if it helps.
  15. Comcast cable. Think we have the 2nd tier package, forget what the actual speed is. I ended up finding a temp fix where you put Punkbuster to sleep or some shit, stupidest fix ever that worked...

    I plan on getting a new computer when I can. I am one of those people who doesn't buy anything new unless they have to. I'm 26 and this is the 2nd computer I've owned since I like the past 9 years, lol.
  16. First, find a new admin, he is wrong. next delete that fucking program you have, then try to run the game. see what happens. I know falcon said to lower your graphics settings. that will help alot too.
  17. Haha... wasn't me that said it, but I'd suggest that too. "Lag" can be mis-interpreted, though. Lag can be either network latency ("WTF? I thought I shot that guy, then he just popped out of the way, wat the hell? *holds tab to see scoreboard & pings* Shit, my ping is like 300ms, I'm LAGGING bad!")... or it can be video problems ("WTF? I can't even see what the hell is going on, it's like watching a moving slideshow... I think about 3 times a second I can see what's going on... I'm LAGGING bad here!")... or some people also use it to describe slow loading ("Fuck, I finally got into the game but the game's halfway over because it took 5 minutes to load the maps for this 10 minute game! My computer is LAGGING!").

    So I really need a better description of "lag" to give a really accurate diagnosis. Problem is, neither of those 3 things are related to registry problems ;)

    But BEFORE you uninstall that piece of shit registry scanner, be sure to check for any kind of "UNDO" function. If there is only "Backup", check it and try to verify that it's not a FULL registry backup. You NEVER want to restore a full registry backup, it could really mess up your PC (and I hate it when people say "back up your registry first"). If there are only full backups (often 30-50MB in size), don't touch them, just cut your losses and uninstall the app. If UNDO is available though, undo each change your "cleaner" made for you before uninstalling. Then I can probably walk you through some REAL performance-enhancing tweaks later :p

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