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Regional Marijuana Terminology and Prices

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sloppy G, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Really just for fun, I wanna see how prices and names vary accross the states.



    Reg , or shwag (used by white ppl, no racism inteded, just how ppl talk) is compressed, pollinated marijuana

    Do (dough), or chronic (white ppl) is sinsemilla marijuana

    Baby do, also chronic, is uncompressed, but pollinated marijuana


    a blee - 1 blunt of reg - 1 to 2g reg = $5

    a do blee - 1 blunt of do - 0.4 to 0.75g chronic = $10 to $15

    a dime - 2 blunts of reg - 4 to 5g reg = $10

    2 do bleezes = 2 blunts of do = 1 - 1.5g chronic = $20 to $25

    a twamp - (rarely) anywhere from 7g to 10g reg = $20
    (asking for a twamp of reg is asking to get cheated, I ask for 2 dimes when talking about reg)

    a twamp - (commonly) 1.2 to 2g chronic = $20

    a half ounce (or just a half) - 14g reg = $25

    a half-eigtht (or just a half) - 1.5 to 2g chronic = $25 to $30

    a half-ounce of baby do - 14 g uncompressed reg = $30

    eighth - 3.5g chronic (usually much less, may be as low as 2.5g) = $50 - $60

    oz (pronounced: oh zee) - 28g of reg = $45 - $50

    eight of do - 3.5g good chronic (like juicy fruit, NL, Purp, e.t.c.) = $60


  2. I don't fuck with mids or shwag so i don't really know what those prices as well..but this is what i got for Atl.

    Shwag/straight shit/don't smoke at all.
    high mids
    Headies/High Def/Or the name of the strain

    A blunt-1.0g-1.2g
    An eight is always-3.5g
    A quarter is always 7g
    and so on.

    high mids
    $25-$35 1/4

    $15 1g
    $45-50 1/8
    $95 1/4

    $25 a g and up
    $75-$105 1/8
  3. seattle area:

    gram = $10-15
    eighth = $40
    quarter = $80
    h/o = $150

    i've tried to find worse than beasters here but theres nothing i can find
  4. What kinda nice strains do ya'll got in Atlanta?


    Weed is probably hella cheap up there in Seattle cuz Canada's right there and I heard washington got a lotta hippies that grow

    that's just what i've heard tho.

    P.S.:Thx for Post
  5. The Burgh Pittsburgh

    For the "good shit" (whatever you'd call the best of the best)

    Price -
    20/25 a Gram
    50-75 for an 8th
    95 to 135 for a quarter
    175 to 250 for a half
    325 to 500 for a whole O
    1300-1600 for a QP
    around 2500-3000 for a HP

    For regular nuggets or beasters


    Price -
    10-20 a gram
    40-55 for a 8th
    75-100 for a half
    150-190 for an ounce

    Anything below that is just called Mids in Pittsburgh (sometimes ppl call it 50 but rarely), and most people either say "good mids" or "aight mids" Prices generally go like this....

    10 bucks for about 2 grams
    15 for about 2.8 or 3
    20 for an 8th, sometimes 25 tho
    35-45 for a quarter depending on quality
    55-80 for a half
    100-150 for a whole zip
    300-525 for a QP
    575-950 for a HP
    1100-2000 for a whole P

    Now these prices just vary basically because of the very different quality from one type of mids to the next, and there are certainly are a lot of different ones.

    Price/weight terminology

    Depending on the dealer or whatever, different people do different ways of askin for trees. Some people simply go by how much money you got, others go by how much you want (8th/quarter etc.)

    Anything for 10 bucks is a dime obviously or a 10 bag, in some spots 10 bucks only gets you a gram, other places you can get 2 grams for 10, just depends who you know.

    we call an 8th a cut or a cutty.

    an ounce is a zip or a zone or an O-ster
    QP is a quap
    a whole P is a pizzle or a poundcake or a pillow or a whole house
  6. lower New York:

    Chef salad/dirt - $15/quarter

    regs - $30/quarter

    dro(besters) - $60-80/quarter

    exotics - $90-110/quarter
    (mostly fruity strains like strawberry cough and tooti fruity)

    piff - $120-140/quarter
    (the word piff means better than anything)
  7. im in LA

    im white, no racism intended, but other ethnicities definitely use different slang.

    i never find anything other than highs or dank as we refer to it.

    $20-----------1g, dub, dub sac, 20 sac
    $60-65-------1/8 or 3.5g
    $100-120----quad or 7g
    $200---------half o or 14g
    $360---------o, zip, z or 28g

    this is all for medical club weed.
  8. Miami :D... only the best buds

    50-60 8th

    100-120 1/4 o

    160-200 1/2 o

    300-400 o
  9. Western Mich...
    half an eighth/dime - $25-30
    eighth/eighter- $50-55
    Quarter/quo- $90-100
    Half ounce- $150-200
    Ounce/Onion/OZ- $250-$350

    Eighth- $20-$25
    Quarter- $35-45
    Half- $60-80
    Ounce- $100-150

    1/8- $10-15
    1/4- $20-25
    1/2- $35-50
    Ounce- $60-90

  10. Exactly what I pay in Miami too.
  11. Regs - 60-80oz
    150-200 QP

    Krypt - $50 8th (3.0-3.5)
    $400+ Oz

  12. While your terminology is different, your prices are exactly the same as those in my area. Bucks county PA...
  13. I hate people who call any good bud kush. It ruins the name
  14. [quote name='Sloppy G']What kinda nice strains do ya'll got in Atlanta?


    I used to live in ATL and the prices are very high for headies but always fire. My boy was getting it directly from Cali so it was a lot of Purps, Kush, and Haze of all kinds. Prices were $75 1/8th $150 qtr $300 Half $500 oz
  15. Wow... Prices dont seam to change all that much around the US.

    Names for $10's and $20's are real different, probably a coast-v-coast thing.

    Oh and chris420mia, great picture, haha. Wake and Bake!

    If only weed were legal... Ha Ha...

    P.S.: I saw 'How High' last night, that movie sucks!! Till about half-way through the beginning when I almost died laughing. You gotta watch it high tho; really, your brain will not be happy if you watch it sober.

    To Watch, click here, then click Full Movie
  16. Im in Pittsburgh too but nobody has Kush around here

    theres only one person around here that has good shit and he got NY Sour Diesel, and AK-47
  17. Thats what i pay
  18. small town oregon

    good bud=good bud

    1.8 is a half sack $25
    3.5-4 8th 50$
    90-quarters(unless their stingy)
    125 half
    220- ounce

    their is various code that i will not leak

    now in big preppy southern cali
    its 20 a gram
    65 and 8th(bullshit)
    and it gets worse and more bullshit from there.
    so i have so shop around alot
    because its bullshit
  19. 220 for an ounce of good bud???

    Dam, that is cheap as hell... Maybe I shul move to Oregon, haha, psyche.

    I'm probably gonna move to Cali tho when I graduate (1 yr, 9 months)!!

    Thx for post
  20. I'm in the deep south our prices suck but here ya go terms and prices:

    Regs/Schwag (bricked up seedy but sometimes decent quality)
    $10 : 1-3.5g
    $20 : 4-7g
    $30 : 10-14g
    $50-60 : 28g

    Mids/Dro (usually non-bricked, sometimes even shiny with trichs, good quality)
    $60-80 28g

    KB/"nugs" (commercially grown sensimilla)
    $20 : 1g
    $50-60 : 1/8th
    $90-110 : 1/4
    $320-400 : "O", whole, zip 1oz

    Dank/"good"/sticky icky lol (hard to find around here, usually skunky, sometimes fruity, Trainwreck:smoke:/Purp(?)/Orange Kush/White Widow)
    $25-30 : 1g
    $65-80 : 1/8th
    $110-140 : 1/4
    $210-250 : 1/2
    $400-500 : Oz

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