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reggos and mids appreciation

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by yoquierotacobel, May 14, 2011.

  1. I think reggos and mids need some appreciation. I have been toking up with the good medical stuff for months since i got my med card. but it always makes me fall asleep. Last night I smoked a ton of reggs and it was the best high i had in a while, and I could stay awake to enjoy it. Anybody else out there enjoy some plain reggs sometimes and just tastin the weed?
  2. ugh, i get the opposite effect.
    it might be the indica dominant strains that are making you sleepy, i'd switch it up to some more sativa dominant strains for that energetic cerebral high.

    by buying mids and reggos, you are supporting a criminal organization who does not care about the quality of their plants, nor the quality of the bud they produce. please stop supporting terrorism...

    in all seriousness though, that medical stuff is grown by some joe (or jane) just like you or me, who loves bud and the plant, they check on it daily. mids and regs are grown quantity over quality style and strictly for profit...
  3. i do! i get sativa every time and they make me go to sleep. maybe i should smoke smaller bowls when i am by myself. i just really enjoy some plain reggs rolled up in bob marley paper sometimes. :)
  4. yeah, regs and mids are good for rolling, I dont feel so bad about smokin up a few blunts when its a buck a gram.
    usually i get all dumb high from regs and mids though. and thats strange (but not unheard of) that a sativa would make you pass out. oh well, to each his (or her) own.

    -smoke on wayne.
  5. where do you get a gram for a dollar? i just got a half o for 55 and that's the best deal i've ever gotten ever. lol
  6. dank is nice on a friday night or whatever but not all the time there's a such thing as too strong for certain times

    regs i dont touch though unless i absolutely have to but lately my area doesnt even have reggie for sale if i wanted it.

    i try to smoke mid mon-thursday and friday ill buy a quarter of dank and just blow down

    i know where to get you an 0 for 60 of pure homegrown reggie nugs...lmao
  7. Prepare to get flamed dude..
    I mean i smoke on mids/regs and think its a hell of a lot better deal, I get 10 grams of mids for $20 instead of 1 gram of dank for 20. Im not good at math, but Im pretty sure that is 10x as much.. Don't get me wrong if I could afford it I would be smokin dank all day, but nothing wrong with smokin it.
  8. new mexico, that shit is dirt cheap down here, but sometimes you can taste diesel from the nugs trip across the border. which is why i sorta avoid it, because that is some straight up cartel shit that only perpetuates violence.

    30,000 people dead in juarez because of our war on drugs. no way im gonna give money to that shit.

  9. this is why i dont smoke mids/regs, cheap as it may be.
  10. sir, we should talk. do you live in the US?
  11. lol gtfo
    also gtfo
    yeah i live in NC bro but hookups r lyke totally against the rules and im a law abiding citizen
  12. hahaha i know. you are too far anyway. i live farther north. my friends are going to start growing soon and be my caregiver so i will be able to get some free weed then :)

  13. mostly, considering NC isnt a medical state :rolleyes:
  14. #14 -AM-ON, May 15, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 15, 2011
    due to the bulls still being in the playoffs and me and my gf wanting to go to a game each round has left me low on cash lol so i have to settle for the mids. light green with orange hairs with only a few seeds, but bricked...oh well its great blunt weed. GOIN TO THE GAME ON WEDNESDAY!!! FUCK U LEBRON!!

  15. This guys got his priorities right...

  16. I'm in NC also....
  17. Fuck bitches, get money.....
    How do you get money you ask? buy mid's and save a shit load of money lol, im not ashamed to say i can't afford dank to support my smoking. It's just not financially smart to buy something when you can get the same affect from somthing a fraction of the cost! Like mentioned earlier tho, a good 1/8th on friday night is never a bad time.
  18. I am toking on some regs as I type this. They also keep me awake better than danklies, maybe because most outdoor shit is sativa, eitherway I enjoy it just as much as dank, so I buy mids more often.

  19. Mids and Regs dont make you as sleepy because compared to dank weed their effects are greatly diminished.
  20. Word for cheap weed, there def is too cheap though. I can attest to not being she to afford the dankity danks all all the time. Awesome for joints though and just being able to smoke all the time. Also a helluva lot easier to hide than a bag of some skunk you can smell in your pocket from 10th feet away

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