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  1. So after a long absence....

    Am growing some Sour Black Domina and some Northern Lights X Fire OG.

    Regular seeds, not feminised.

    Also in a first for me, am using hydroponics after a long time again and also LED lighting for the first time.

    The technology changes I've seen across the journey is still amazing and am super keen to see the results.

    Stay tuned
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  2. Plants in now.

    Am growing a new breeder in Australia seedstock.

    The single plants are Sour Fire OG.

    The pot with 2 plants are Northern Black Domina, so hoping to get a male from these.
  3. Week later, netting in, just got their first spray.
  4. Light spray with some calmag IMG_20230410_175344859_HDR.jpg
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  5. Getting some size to them now.

    Week 4 and using both veg and bloom lighting now
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    IMG_20230420_093135937~2.jpg Looking great
  7. Hope everyone has had a great 420 today!
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  8. Very nice good sir!

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  9. Thanks bro!!
  10. Sexing is well under way after 14 days of 12/12.

    I planted 2 Sour Black Dominas together to get a male and hopefully female. I got the male but it wasn't very desired trait wise, so cut it out. Left the female.

    Also got a Fire OG male, which I have hacked right back so can control the flowering. I really only need one open pollen flower, so will cut it out properly in about 8 days.

    Really enjoying the LED grow experience so far!!

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  11. Nice stretching and Bud set so far. IMG_20230508_162246983.jpg IMG_20230508_162246983.jpg
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  12. I have black and white domina seed but is yours crossed with sour diesel? Look great

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  13. Hi,

    My Black Domina female I pollinated with pollen from a ECSD male. Really sour and really diesely too!
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  14. Week 4 into flowering

    Have cut out fully the 1 male Fire OG and collected the pollen.

    Stretch has finished and now they are filling out nicely
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  15. Starting to frost up really nicely
    So impressed with LED lights!!
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  16. A very old breeder mate of mine has just started back up after, like myself, a "long absence".

    The work is great!!
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