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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Igsdp, May 6, 2016.

  1. Does this look like Reggie to y'all jus wondering cause i don't think it is but my mans is saying it is

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  2. Could help if you got more pictures but it dosen't look all that bad.
  3. thats a shit picture but it looks ok'ish from what i can see. just smoke it but dont let your mans hit it cause he dont smoke no reggie
  4. Check te post I'll put more
  5. I mean it "looks" better than Reggie, but I recently got some weed that looked worse than that and smoked really well. If it's a small amount then just smoke it and see how it is.
  6. I put a Bette epicure
  7. I p
    i put a better pic
  8. Better pic
  9. i cant tell man im looking at the pic on a laptop screen and its just all pixelated so im guessing its a pic from your phone or you took the pic with a potato
  10. It's not reggie...judging off of the blurry pics it looks like some high grade mids / low grade dank
  11. Have you found any seeds? If there's no seeds then it's some decent mids at least .
  12. Damn, where you getting that reggie? Sign me up! Lmao, but in all seriousness, it does look like some fire mids or maybe some lame dank.
  13. That right there looks like some cannabis

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