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Reggie vs Mids vs Schwag?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Reservoir Dog, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I'm from Houston Texas and here we call low grade weed reggie. But on the internet i have seen so many different names for reggie. Is there really a difference?:confused:
  2. All the same, youngen.:cool:
  3. Schwag is the dirt of the dirt, then reg is better, then mids is a little better than reg
  4. That's what I thought by reading so many threads thanks man
  5. Na. Also there's no such thing as good mids.
  6. Regs (schwag) < mids < goods

    Regs are all stems, seeds, leaf, brown, flat, hard, smells like dirty grass. Excessively premature bud the growers don't care about, they pick it when needed, brick it, send it over the border.

    Mids are better than regs, but low still. Usually more buddy, but still very premature. Can be green, or brown, or even smell ok. It's all about when it was harvested, and if it was appropriate. Homegrown weed can be mids if you pick it early and do a shit curing job.

    Goods is... well... good. They put time into it, and you pay for it.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Thank you everyone who posted I appreciate it

  8. It can also depend on where you are..

    Around here, for anything less than dank, it would be advertised and sold as "mids". I have a few dealers and they all have either "mids" or "dank" and all too often if someone is low on cash and buys mids here they will get those shitty regs you mentioned.

    Prices are like mids 10/g dank 15-20/g
  9. Where i live regs/schwag is the bottom of the barrell, that where you get 5 grams for $10
    Popcorn is the stuff that is still pretty much reggie but maybe a few more crystals or its fluffy or something usually like 2-3 grams for 10.
    Mids is the stuff that is closer to dank (usually buds not brick) but still not the bomb. Its usually shaped like dank buds too maybe smells alright and looks pretty nice. Depending on quality it goes for $5-15 a gram. Alot of time people will call it organic dank or outdoor grown dank.
    And hydroponics, aeroponics, and just dank Ass weed in general goes for $20.

    At least this is how it goes in my hood.

  10. Ive smoked some mind blowing mids, your crazy.
  11. How bout it...there are good mids

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