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  1. i've been looking ever since bob marley for other raggae bands and havent been able to find squat anybody care to lend their favorite raggae bands to my tired ears?
  2. gregory issacs
    israel vibration
    burning spear
    peter tosh
    steel pulse
    big youth
    king tubby
    buju banton
    the mighty ethiopians

    and there are plenty more this is a just a few popular ones
  3. thanks that should keep my busy for a while =D
  4. Macka B - Jamaican
    Macka B - Everybody Loves Bob Marley
    Steel Pulse - Reggae Fever
    ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    good toons
  5. i recomend going to and find some of thier artists, they also have many ska, dancehall, rocksteady, and dub artists as well.
  6. Easy Star All Stars, Yellowman, King Tubby, Eek-a-mouse
  7. a few more to add to the list:

    sugar minott
    linval thompson
    lee 'scratch' perry
    horace andy
  8. These are all exceptional reggae artists.
  9. Busy Signal, movado, demarco, collie buddz, Jah Cure, Chuck Fender, Capleton, Bling Dawg, Vybz Kartel. wanna kno more ASK ME... i shuld kno im from the bahamas i love my reggae....... also worth checkin out its old but Black Chiney there dj group who remix reggae on more of hip hop beats sum shit like that its still cool tho
  10. i've been listenin to reggae alot the past couple weeks and i can't get enough of it.. i bought peter toshs album Legalize It and can't stop listenin to it, i also bought this hugeass 3 cd album wit like 45 songs on it by Gregory Isaacs.

    i've been listenin to Corey Harris alot too

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