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Discussion in 'The Musician in U' started by stoots420, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Hey dig the sound. WOuld love to collab on a track, i play reggae drums.
  2. thanks bud appreciate it! and possibly hah where can i hear some of ur stuff?
  3. ugh unfortunately i have no recording equipment and drums with webcam mic dosen't do any justice.
  4. oh yeah i hear ya lol its expensive to be a drummer! first u gotta get a set then mics etc its all very pricey :/
    i tend to manage with my programs though its all amatuer shit but i get a good sound out of it lol
  5. ha it really is. And the set i got i bought on the cheap from criagslist so it's far from great sounds. I Could record some reggae style banjo though?
  6. lol i never heard reggae banjo before. i am curious to how it sounds haha
  7. Alright well there's not really a strict style. I just jam to reggae with my banjo. But gimme some slack until i put up a clip of it.
  8. haha yea reggaes pretty simple but you can really do alot with it. n ya ill check out the video when u post hah

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