reggae radio station??

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  1. Sup GC

    I was riding around in my car today and since I forgot my iPod I turned on the radio for the first time in years(I do not like all the mainstream crap that's currently out there) and I was trying to find a radio station that would mainly broadcast some reggae.
    Now I know that no 2 cities have the same radio stations but just out of curiosity I was wondering if you guys know of a station that actually does play reggae.
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    It'd be more helpful if you included your general location

    But that website should help you out, although I don't think there are many all-reggae stations in most parts of the country, although I don't know where you're from (France?)
  3. We only have a few, Q103 on Maui plays good Reggae all day. Another station that plays some reggae is Island 98.5, they have the Reggae Cafe everyday from noon-1pm and again at 8pm-9pm, its a hit or miss with the quality of songs though.

    Jah know i love reggae:smoke:
  4. I can't even get any radio besides NPR. Living in the boonies blows.
  5. no reggae stations in NY where i live, i just listen to the classic rock stations if im listening to the radio.

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