Reggae Jam

Discussion in 'The Musician in U' started by fred7506, May 29, 2013.

  1. Dude, I dig everything you do. Major props.
  2. good shit man!
    idk why u called it reggae tho
    ur strums are are the 2 and 4 
    in reggae the skank is on the ands of the beats, and the drum kick is usually gunna come down on the 3 
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    Yeah man this is chilll haha
    Nice work, feelin it - agree with dude above though, doesn't have a particularly reggae ish vibe, still nice tho. 
    I made a reggae track also and have it on here - very different vibe though, more of a steppers soundsystem stylee! 

    But yeah, props, nice musician ship, sweet geetar 

    Gave u a follow on Soundcloud - just created my own

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