reggae in the park was incredible

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dr Jammin, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. hi guys i just spent saturday and sunday at reggae in the park in san francisco. it was extremely fun. saturday i saw barrington levy and steel pulse, sunday i saw sizzla. people were walking up and down the grass where everyone was sitting, selling ganja food of all different varieties. i got a "reefer peanut butter cup" with a gram in it for 10 bucks, some ganja fudge, and ganja goo balls. it was such a fun time. i also bought a nice tiny glass sherlock for 10 bucks. the festival was so fun it was amazing. lots of positive energy.
  2. did the food mess ya up?
  3. it was a 2 day festival. by the time i arrived the 2nd day, i had just finished coming down from my high from the first day. so yeah id say it was pretty potent food.
  4. Man that sounds liek the perfect day - reggae, sun, and of course weed! I wish i was there.
  5. Reggae shows are hella awesome to. I'm listenin to Bob Marley right now, Easy Skankin.

    Now exuse me while I light my spliff.
  6. wish i could see Sizzla that must've been the shit

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