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  1. I was reading that a plant can be ( I assume partially?) harvested and then regenerated?

    1) I am looking at one of my plants ( the first and fastest to flower) and 7 inch Cola and thinking, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO REMOVE THIS? then drop the lights and force the lower smaller colas to PUMP UP. Probably not like the main, but knowing that in survival mode the plant will "Pump" up the highest remaining buds? I have seen this with basil, or other plants.

    2) Also, The issue of regeneration is something of a mystery. Being new to the site, and 58 yo so somewhat furum challenged, ha lol,
    I am assuming that regeneration will occur if I take ALL the buds of and leave remaining leaves, then CRANKING the lights back to 18 hours will regenerate the plant. I think some plants like a dark phase, or a cold phase, but I would like to hear any actual experience of regeneration.
  2. #1 yes

    #2 no
  3. On a related note, I have a friend that says he grows using zombies, I've never heard this talked about on GC. He claims he's been reharvesting the same plants for multiple grows. Anyone have some input? Sorry for thread jacking, it's very related to the OP though.
  4. I completely harvested a plant except for a very small branch, and after about 4 weeks in 24hrs of light it started to grow leaves (veg, or regenerate). Its time consuming but I wanted to save the strain.
  5. I read or saw a vid ages ago were someone takes a harvested plant with 1 little bud and leaf left on a branch and cuts off the bottom and sides of the rootball. This is supposed to stimulate new root growth, somehow. Then bang that into a new pot and under a cfl on 24h and after some time, you'll get new growth and can take a cutting.

    Never tried it but kept it in mind should I stumble upon a mega-pheno.

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