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  1. So I've also posted something similar to this in the health etc forum, but it probably belongs here too:

    I learned this from a nurse at the hospital during a check-up, if you snort coke (or indeed anything), never share notes/straws, as hepatitis and other blood-borne pathogens can be passed on. say if someone gets the common coke-bleed, or jams it up there too high and makes the sensitive nasal passages bleed, and then passes that note on to someone else, it can easily transfer. I've been really careful the last few times I've done it, and tbh will probably never do it again, as C does very little for me.
  2. Any informed user is going to know this, just like someone who uses needles.

    Thanks for the PSA anyways.

    Happy tokin'.
  3. I hated using bills. I'd always use a fresh $100 if I had to because they weren't circulated much. It sounds baller, but I'm just big on preventative health while using drugs.

  4. I'm actually a very informed user, with the drugs I do, and even I didn't know this.

    Very good to know.

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