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Regarding Marfan Syndrome

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by DarthDanker, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. So, I pretty much just turned 18. I've lived a relatively normal life up until now however I have become aware of some oddities. I will be going to the doctor soon to get a proper diagnosis but my mother which is a licensed MD seems to agree with me and so does our family history. I most likely have Marfan Syndrome. Tonight it actually hit me pretty hard that I need to start taking action for this to prevent further damage. I like to use marijuana. Marijuana elevates heart rate but honestly I've never had it elevate mine too much. Is it still safe to use? I've used very strong sativas and even then it hasn't been that big of an issue. So maybe I lucked out on that. I live in California and I'm going to be getting a med card. My parents were extremely opposed to it but slowly and slowly I've opened their eyes. While they may not be on board 100% they want me to be happy and I refuse to take medication which will kill me in the long run. Should I still use marijuana?
  2. Sorry for the bump, but I forgot to include some vital information. I was a little shook up over last night. So, this syndrome revolves around a mutation of the fibrillin gene. Everything from my eyesight, to my lungs, and my heart are affected. Luckily, and hopefully I have a milder case. There is an issue with the heart and technically I can't partake in strenuous activity as it puts stress on my aorta which eventually will get too large and I will die. Thankfully, there are treatments to prevent that and surgery to fix that now. Is smoking,vaping, or ingesting, that dangerous to heart condition sufferers. The reason I would still use marijuana is because it does take a lot of the pain away from my legs and back. There were days when I was 16 and I could barely stand because of the pain but I just toughed it out. I thought it was skateboarding or snowboarding that caused it. Turns out I just solved the mystery illness on my mother's side of the family. Because of me, an 8 year old boy will hopefully live a longer life now.
  3. I think you need to discuss this with a specialist.

    I don't have Marfan's, but I do have an aortic aneurysm. I take beta blockers to lower my blood pressure to slow down the rate the aneurysm grows. My doctor still referred me for a medical marijuana card (due to chronic pain, caused by another condition I have).

    You'll have to wait and see what a specialist thinks.
  4. i have marfans syndrome, and i still toke up daily, my marfan has been stable for 3 years now.
  5. I have not been diagnosed either, but I believe I have Marfan Syndrome as well. I have several symptoms of the condition such as pigeon chest (pectus carinatum), I have developed stretch marks, I'm nearsighted, and I'm fairly tall and very thin. I am curious as to whether or not anyone knows anything on this subject, because I very much enjoy using marijuana, but I do not want to put myself at unnecessary risk. I have been using marijuana on a regular basis for about a year now, and I have not noticed any complications myself, but that doesn't mean that there have not been unnoticed side effects occurring. I also am not aware how the condition of my heart is. I have occasionally noticed slightly irregular beating after exercise, but nothing very severe. I hope that I can continue to use the sweet ganja, because it helps me deal with other problems, such as anxiety and stress.

    Funny thing is, I also recently turned 18, live in California, and have plans on getting my medical marijuana card as well. And it appears you frequent Grasscity forums, just as I do. It's a small world, isn't it?
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    It's very nice to see that some people have the some condition, it gives me a sense of comfort. Honestly it just hit me like a truck I was freaking out pretty hard. Mine seems to be a bit atypical because I'm not tall like other people with Marfan. However, I seem to have over 90% of the symptoms. I really suggest going in and getting an echocardiogram done before it is too late. It can really knock you down without knowing.

    Kushomatic it's nice to see that some people do have it under control. It really makes me hopeful. From what I was reading about it seems like I may need to make some serious life changes. Do you think I will have to stop snowboarding and skating? Those are the only physical activities I really do, and it would be a shame to see them go. Other than that I keep occupied with school and music.

    And yes, a small world indeed.

  7. im near sighted, have stretch marks, and im fairly tall and thin as well, deffinatly go get a EKG, cause the average life span with untreated marfans is age 30-40. with treated marfans you can live just as long as anyone else

  8. i highly doubt you will have to stop snowboarding and skating enless you have a severe case, but i still lift weights ( lightly ), snowboard, dirtbike, play basketball.

    this is now my 5th year after being diagnosed with marfan and to be comepletely honest, the only thing that has changed in my life is im not allowed to play football anymore. i wish the best of luck to you other patients.

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