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Regarding decarboxilation and rosin

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by soma5, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Hey there,

    I've got a question about decarboxylating rosin.
    I'm about to pickup 50 grams of hashish to make some rosin with:RoorRip:

    My question is, can i use my lower heating plate on my press to decarboxylate the rosin?

    Like I set the plate to 230°F and let the rosin(on parchment paper) sit on it for 30-45 minutes?
    As I dont have a real oven, just one combi-microwave oven without temperature control for pizza and fish.

    So I thought maybe I can decarb it with my heatpress itself.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I don’t know. Try a small test batch.

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  3. Ah thanks for the response, but i think I'm gonna cook it in a jar. That seemed to work okay from the videos that I saw. :)
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    After thinking for a while I think I'm still gonna try the heatpress way when I get home from my nightshift! 212°F decarb takes a lot of time and I want to be sure it's decarbed fully. Thats why I'm gonna decarb for 30 minutes at 252°F like man o green said on this site: Decarbing temp for rosin
    I finally found someone who had the same idea as I had lol. I'll post results ;)
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    So I did actually try it. And it worked!! :~}
    Here's a picture of the decarboxylation process[​IMG]:
    And then I made some tincture with it.
    In the meantime while the rosin was infusing into the alcohol, I had some spare time to make some labels for the dropper bottles :)
    Picture: [​IMG]

    Tried it out at the start of my nightshift together with my teamleader and I'm pretty baked rn halfway in :)

    Gonna go to a festival this weekend and this will come in handy :)
  6. nice!
    a couple of your pics are broken though.
    did you just end up decarbing until all bubbling ceased?
    and could/have you used a laser thermometer just to check the temp of the plate?

    it looks good from the pics that I can see :)
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  7. #7 soma5, Jun 7, 2019
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    Yeah I stopped when it stopped bubbling which was actually around the 27 minutes mark! :) Those broken pictures are the same pictures but I tried to url them but it didn't work lol. And now when I press edit they aren't there so I can't remove it. Sorry for the confusion.
    And for the thermometer, I didn't use one just trusted the build in one from my press itself. The rosin won't get any hotter than the plate itself and this press is fairly new so I just crossed my fingers and it turned out good. :)

    Picture of my press: IMG_20190605_074542.jpg

    Picture of decarboxilated rosin:
    Pictures of input material:
    Snapchat-1702533670.jpg Snapchat-1363572322.jpg
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