Regarding Afgooey and The Purple Plum.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Outdoorweed, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Ok no one even bother posting about meth, thats number 1. I dont care about him i just wanna clear up my hometowns name and put this arguement to rest. This thread is regarding my hometown of klamath falls oregon, right near the purple plum off the i5 exit.

    This restraunt is not haunted by meth abusing servers nor are there any sort of meth products / epidemic of meth being put into the food.. They make DAMN good lunch meals. I used to eat there alot and still do when im down in klamath falls with my grandparents. The town is no longer filled with meth heads or meth labs, that area's been long clean aside from outside sources.

    Just thought i'd clear the name. The purple plum is good food, and no you wont get high off it...

  2. ummmm alright mmmmmmmkkkayyy
  3. this thread is an epic fail
  4. a former member was talking about some conspiracy of people putting meth in food.
  5. I am very glad to hear that The Purple Plum is once again safe.:hello:
  6. the fuck is this thread haha
  7. So isn't there like, a TON of meth in Klamath Falls, Oregon?

    And like a shitload of meth, IN Oregon?

    If you want to clear the name on your home town, join the police force, and crack down on some drugs homie!
  8. you know why its so good? because they put meth in it

  9. Exactly, he's just in denial.
  10. Wait, Afgooey got banned?
  11. Yes. Probably for being a douche.
  12. I remember posting high in a thread about how much Meth there was in Oregon. Unfortunately I was lazy from the high and just skimmed then posted like "Oh shit, sucks to hear that" referring to there being a lot of Meth because I knew there were problems with Meth in the North West. Only the day after did I see all of Afgooey's bs about Meth in food and shit, and realized I looked retarded like I just bought all of it. :rolleyes:
  13. sadly
  14. I didn't take much of that seriously , the dude was a pretty obvious tweaker.

    Sorry if the Purple Plum lost business, I'll be glad to visit if I ever go to Oregon.
  15. Man I liked afgooey kinda, he wasn't really so bad.... He didn't start many arguments, other people did.
  16. You just weren't paying attention when he started arguments, then
  17. he was trippin hard. meth is public enemy #1 in oregon. the only thing worse than the meth problem in oregon is the economy. my buddy was telling me how much money his brother was making back in the 80s when "drugs" were DRUGS! maybe a little capital investment in some fine crystal will help me make some money jk jk. but frrreal tho, oregon has a lot more to offer than just meth and methies.
  18. say what?

    why would you post this, OP?
    no one is going to drive to Oregon to check out some local resturant to see if there is meth in it. No one gives a fuck about the Meth in your town, its everywhere.
  19. did anyone actually think there was meth in the food, seriously. no one is that dumb.

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