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  1. So if I'mll
  2. ....... Come on really? Gtfo
  3. Woops. So what are u supposed to plant? Male or female seeds? Idk anything about tht stuff.
  4. Peace out man
  5. Calm down kid.
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  7. Let me guess, you are asking if you want male plants or female plants? Females are always the stronger, better plants. But let me just say, you should spend a month or so reading every newbie thread about growing you can find. Learn as much as you possibly can, then attempt a grow. Right now you would be wasting your soil/nutrients/seeds/and electricity.
  8. Thanks man ^ I was just confused about gender
  9. Choose a Mr Nice strain (reg seeds). Fem seeds cause global warming!!

  10. LOL! This has so many applications I don't quite know where to start. Please don't stop all means carry on, carry on....This needs to be stickied for sure.

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