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Reg is all and all is reg

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by paulthepothead, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. All I can find here is reg. I don't mind it to be honest but it would be nice to smoke some actual dank every once and a while. Reg doesn't give you the same feeling loud does unfortunately...any suggestions on how to find a better connect or a more powerful way to smoke reg? All I smoke are blunts for the most part lol...
  2. Try a bong (Grav, Waterfall, or Regular) they get you higher than blunts
  3. Meet more people and you'll meet more connects. And keep smoking blunts with it, don't take gbs of regs.
  4. Make edibles.
  5. There's no secret to finding contacts that we know and you don't, you have to get out and meet people and eventually one of those people will sell weed. If you cant find anything try growing your own.
  6. Switch to bongs. Very noticeable difference, trust me.
  7. Surprised, there is more money to be made in dank. All I can find is dank, my mid man has dank 90% of the time i'm pretty sure I am one of his few customers to buy it
  8. oil or edibles

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