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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Spanishfly, May 1, 2006.

  1. Hi, I was an OGer for many years, until the spineless skanks who ran it folded in to LEO.

    I have contributed to various forums since then, but now I have discovered GC this seems to have a bit more activity than most others, so I will give it a whirl.

    Maybe the moderators might even have a brain cell or two between them.

    Anyway, my name is !"·$%&/ , I am British, and like a million other Brits, I live in sunny Spain.

    I have been growing for a few years now, I grow outdoors only, in pots on my terrace, the climate here is super for raising MJ, bright sunshine all day every day during the MJ growing season. And you can grow for your own use.

    Regards to you all.
  2. From what I've seen, you seem like an intelligent person. Glad to have you here!
  3. yeah i too was in your boat at 1 time,,,, looking for a new home,,,,,,,,, believe me,,, i logged onto a many of a growing forum,,,,,, trust me g.c. is at the top of the game,,,,, oh there are so many sites out there that are so lame,,,,the mods here dont put up with the childish ranting,,,the name calling,,,a.t.c. its clean and very adult formatted,,,, none of the childish stuff o.g. was being infested with,,,,welcome man,,,,,,lets get to growing....:devious:
  4. welcome, my og brother...:wave:

  5. If memory serves me correctly you were banned for constant flaming of the UK growers thread, even created a few anon user names to do so. Maybe you'll do better here, maybe not...................time will tell.

    "Folded to LEO" RC was arrested for sales of plant seed across border's, OG servers and db are safe and secure and will be back online :yay:

    One thing you are correct about tho............ :gc_rocks:
  6. Welcome to the city! :wave:

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